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June 08, 2016

CRM Featured Articles

Verint Completes Its Cloud Migration

All Verint Customer Engagement Optimization solutions are now available in cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment versions. (Featured on

Interactive Intelligence Reports Growing PureCloud Momentum

While PureCloud adoption is high, the company is not abandoning its Customer Interaction Center (CIC) solution. (Featured on

The Media Trust Launches SMART Suite

The solution aims to provide publishers with greater control over their ads.

American Customer Satisfaction Index: T-Mobile Emerges as Top Mobile Service Provider

In an industry often criticized for poor customer satisfaction, T-Mobile rose to the top, beating out competitors AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. (Featured on

Magazine Features

Six Steps to Social Selling Success

In the age of the super-savvy, hyper-connected buyer, sales professionals should blend modern technologies with traditional methods


Mobile Scanning Can Rev Up Car Rentals—and Customer Happiness

The Millennial demo in particular will appreciate a quick pickup and return process.

Reality Check

Two Methods for Sales Training Reinforcement We’re Not Using

If you want sales reps to use (not lose) their training, turn to the devices they use every day

CRM Across the Wire

Captricity Partners with Pegasystems

Captricity captures and digitizes data from handwritten forms to unlock additional value for Pegasystems' customers

Base Launches the Apollo Sales Platform

Base's Apollo platform can analyze millions of data points and provide actionable insights.

Bluecore Launches Bluecore Ads

The Bluecore Ads addition integrates with existing workflows for seamless cross-channel marketing campaign execution.

Avaya Unveils Oceana, a New Set of Customer Engagement Solutions

Avaya Oceana is powered by the Oceanalytics customer journey insights tool. (Featured on

Zebra's MPact Beacons Now Support Eddystone Protocol

Support for Google's new open beacon format helps mobile marketers reach more consumers.

Return Path Updates Email Optimization Platform

New Deliverability Wizard provides step-by-step guidance to help marketers pinpoint the source of deliverability problems and resolve them.