• June 7, 2016

Base Launches the Apollo Sales Platform

Base has launched Apollo, a sales science solution to capture and analyze millions of data points in real time. The new platform can leverage both the massive amount of data collected by Base's core sales management platform as well as legacy CRM systems.

Apollo can analyze these data points and provide every company with a unique Sales Genome, a complete codification of hundreds of factors impacting sales performance and a framework for automated real-time computations of what-if scenarios to increase sales.

Features of the Apollo platform include the following:

  • Live Insight Feed: A real time feed of actionable insights presented to the sales manager or executive. Each insight is accompanied by clear actions for increasing sales and can be explored to expose the raw data behind it.
  • Goal Tracking: Any prescriptive recommendations that a sales manager or executive elects to track are logged, and progress is measured to show improvement areas over time.
  • Data Doctor: Sales managers and executives can view the health of their CRM data. Real-time monitoring allows them to see what percentage of data fields are completed, the accuracy of the data, and more.

Select companies are already benefiting from Apollo's quantifiable, actionable insights, including Expensify, an ERP software provider.

"Apollo has given us visibility into our sales process and performance that otherwise would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve," said Jason Mills, head of sales at Expensify, in a statement. "The insights we're getting from Base are golden not just to me and my team, but also to executives across the organization and our board members. We look forward to working closely with Base to further refine our sales processes in a measurable and scalable way."

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