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August 03, 2015

CRM Featured Articles

Jive Releases Circle, a New Collaboration Tool

Jive rolls out new features for Jive Chime real-time messaging app, including integration with the new Jive Circle.

Magazine Features

The 2015 CRM Market Leaders

Our finalists and winners in nine categories have what it takes to achieve success in all areas of CRM, whether it's building a powerful solution, pleasing customers, or charting a smart course.


Why You Need a Customer Experience Map

The best way to get inside your customers' heads—and keep them happy—is to chart their journey.

The Tipping Point

Get Customer-Centric—Don't Just Say You Are

If you're not striving to understand today's nonstop customer, you might be wasting money

CRM Across the Wire

Falcon Social Partners with DataSift

Partnership gives customers access to aggregated and anonymized Facebook topic data.

Branch Metrics Partners with Localytics

The partnership allows marketers to track mobile app users.

Experian Updates Its Marketing Suite

Enhancements include addressable advertising and predictive capabilities.

Adobe's Latest Digital Publishing Solution Takes Aim at Marketers

Adobe DPS helps marketers create apps and deliver content to mobile devices.

Pronexus to Add Voice and Data Call Flow Development in VBVoice

VBVoice with VisualConnect will support simultaneous dual-channel IVR development to create voice- and data-enabled applications.

IntellaSphere Launches Digital Marketing Control Center for SMBs

The Control Center helps companies manage their marketing efforts and provides reporting and guidance.