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June 23, 2014

CRM Featured Articles

On Second Screens, Only 12 Percent of Viewers Engage with Show Content

Most viewers are checking email, texting, or interacting with Web sites and apps unrelated to what they are watching on television.

Should Delight Take a Backseat to Customer Service Efficiency?

If your customer service model emphasizes wowing customers over offering efficiency, you may be going about it all wrong. (Featured on


Can You Afford the High Cost of Unready Leads?

Defining your ideal customer is key.


Airline Loyalty Programs in Flux

Consumers and airlines rethink their commitments to each other.

Finding the Soft Edge

Solid strategy and great execution are just two sides of the long-term success triangle.

CRM Across the Wire

Bottlenose Debuts Nerve Center 2.0

Bottlenose NerveCenter creates a virtual analyst in the cloud for real-time trends affecting customer brands.

Vantage Unified Launches MAXcustomerconnect for SMBs

Vantage's MAXcustomerconnect service unifies voice, email and text messaging on a single platform for small business to build mobile marketing campaigns.

Accenture and Cloudera Partner on Data Analytics

New alliance aims to provide enhanced data analytics for real-time decision making.

gUnify Launches Salesforce Connector for BroadSoft and Google Chrome

gUnify Salesforce Connector integrates Salesforce CRM information with BroadSoft's hosted unified communications platform and Google Chrome with IP connected devices. and Gainsight Partner on Integrated Customer Success Solution with Universal Analytics Layer

New Gainsight Connect integration broadens the breadth of actionable customer data.

Engagor Launches Insights Social Analytics Tool

New Engagor Insights analytics feature channel-specific demographics and optimal timing tools.