• June 18, 2014

Engagor Launches Insights Social Analytics Tool

Engagor, a San Francisco start-up that launched last year, today released a redesigned social analytics platform with deeper insights and a streamlined user interface.

Engagor's new analytics, referred to as Insights, allow brands to better understand their social audiences with new, optimized features, including a channel-specific age and gender demographics tool for enhanced targeting. Engagor's Insights also give brands advanced filtering capabilities to find the exact data they need and the ability to create customized dashboards and reports, as well as automatic sentiment analysis of content across the millions of sources Engagor monitors across the social Web.

Engagor's new Insights have been streamlined and narrowed down into four main categories: Overview, People, Posts & Engagement, and Profile Metrics.

Engagor's new Insights includes the following:

Gender and Age Demographics: This analytics tool allows users to refine age and gender insights by social channel. For example, users can determine what posts women engage with the most on Twitter, or when their male audiences between the ages of 18 - 24 are the most active on Facebook.

Best Time to Post: The updated feature enables users to pinpoint exact timing for optimal engagement. The new visual charts show when content is being posted and when the community is most actively engaging with that content, so users can refine their targeting and timing strategy and reach their audiences when it matters most.

"We designed our new Insights with customer and market needs in mind," said Folke Lemaitre, CEO and founder of Engagor, in a statement. "We evaluated how customers were using our previous offering, as well as commonly used KPIs and market research, to develop standardized analytics that deliver on what brands and enterprises need to engage with their audience in the best way, at the best time."

"Engagor's new Insights are clean and lean," said Nicolas Reichen, Community Manager at McDonald's, in a statement. "It's a powerful, but simple tool that allows us to quickly discover what’s happening on our different social channels so we can engage with our customers in a timely and meaningful way."

The new Insights are now available for free to all Engagor customers worldwide.

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