• June 20, 2014

Bottlenose Debuts Nerve Center 2.0

Bottlenose yesterday launched Nerve Center 2.0, featuring new trend intelligence capabilities to automate data science and analysis for high-volume, streaming data.

This second major release of Nerve Center allows brands to act on social and media-driven trend phenomena in real time. With Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose combines automated trend detection with emotion and demographic analysis, and makes its trend intelligence platform insights available to developers, via APIs, for the first time.

Nerve Center 2.0 applies extensive real-time data heuristics and machine learning to automate the detection of trends and insights in any amount of real-time data to identify statistically significant trends as they occur.

For Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose extensively revised and expanded its underlying platform, StreamSense, to accelerate and automate trend detection. With the new architecture, StreamSense now analyzes more than 3 billion messages, and nearly 300 million data points, per hour. Trends are automatically clustered to connect related activity, providing users with a holistic view of bursting threats and opportunities in broadcast, social and enterprise streams.

Bottlenose also introduced new customizable alerts and reporting features, making insights sharable and accessible. Customers can configure alerts based on the type and strength of trends detected and allow Nerve Center 2.0 to deliver timely information via email to desktops and mobile devices.

In Nerve Center 2.0, Bottlenose also supplements the real-time value of instant trend alerts with instant or scheduled generation of detailed reports on real-time market conditions, including community sentiment, demographics, leading influencers, detailed activity metrics, and context.

Nerve Center 2.0 illuminates emotion and demographics of audiences using sample profile data for 350 million social media participants with 95 percent accuracy on average. With Nerve Center 2.0, customers can drill into trend drivers to identify audience characteristics, including occupation, age, family status, religion, personal income, language, fashion brand affinities, and dining and shopping affinities. The application also can analyze emotion, advancing sentiment beyond positive, negative and neutral, even detecting sarcasm and measuring different forms of intent, to give brands a better understanding of audiences, influencers, and threats.

In this release Bottlenose is also announcing beta availability of its META (Metrics, Entities, Trends, Actions) APIs, opening the company's platform to third-party developers and customers who want to use trend intelligence for visualization, process automation, advertising, and new analytics applications. The META API set enables brands to build integrated executive dashboards or other visualizations using outputs from StreamSense in their own applications.

"The automatic trend detection in Nerve Center 2.0 alleviates the need for constant attention from human analysts. Now, without having to monitor the platform 24/7, users can be alerted of any important trends, such as breaking news, emerging influencers, viral content, bursting topics and hashtags, and spiking sentiment," said Bottlenose CEO and co-founder Nova Spivack, in a statement. "This eliminates the choke point of humans in the process of real-time comprehension of patterns in vast amounts of data. And that's just the beginning. In the future, our platform will be able to spot a growing repertoire of complex patterns and trends in data streams. We are automating the analyst, one skill at a time."

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