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July 2008

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Is Microsoft Winning the CRM Race?

The latest CRM products and partnerships from Redmond's software juggernaut have set industry tongues wagging about whether Microsoft has finally forced its way to the forefront -- or if it was ever destined to be a true leader in the first place. Plus, an exclusive interview with Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer.

Jumping Into the SaaS Pool

It's no longer a matter of just testing the waters: Large enterprises are making a splash with software-as-a-service CRM.

Say What?

The voice user interface problem has long been the sticking point in automated support systems. Why can't designers design a system worth talking about?

Front Office

This Is Not Your Father’s CRM Industry

Many companies are already seeing the ownership, or control, of their customer relationships shift toward the customer.

Reality Check

CRM: Your Personal Digital Assistant

New offerings can make your sales reps more productive.

Customer Centricity

“At Least We’re Making Our Numbers”

If that's the case, do we really need to change?

The Tipping Point

Don’t Be Afraid of Discipline

Advance planning is the way to truly improve the customer experience.


A Company Like Me

It's going to take a very special kind of organization to truly make a personal connection with customers.

Pint of View

Darth Vader Kills the Road Runner

Inertia will only keep customers in place for so long.


CRM’s a Social Animal

On The Scene: Web 2.0 -- As enterprise social computing takes off -- and employees clamor for more -- CRM providers scramble to connect, as well.

SAP Looks to ‘Change the Game’

On The Scene: Sapphire 2008 -- One analyst believes the latest from the German juggernaut propels the company squarely back into the CRM 2.0 battle.

CRM on Twitter: July 2008

The microblogging site is rapidly becoming a destination of choice for the Web 2.0-savvy, and users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 are certainly among them.

CRM to the Max

Mobile WiMax will transform the way consumers interact with technology -- but only if it's widely available.

Market Focus: Healthcare -- A Prescription for Satisfaction

As healthcare becomes more technologically advanced, are patients better served?

Required Reading: What's in a Tagline?

A change in your brand's tagline may end up damaging the brand itself.


Another Bright Idea out of Edison

From the famous inventor's hometown, CheckPoint HR gets insight and cuts costs with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A Small Biz Blossoms

Orchid Book Distributers, an Irish seller of textbooks and training manuals, sprouts email newsletters from VerticalResponse.

Biting Off the Right Amount

PracticeWorks brushes up its technical support operations for oral-healthcare offices.

Something for a Rainy Day

Better landing pages increase adoption of relevant weather-alert services.


Tech Solution: Open-Source CRM

Business Problem: Lack of company control over the development of CRM software.

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