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March 2007

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Listen Up

Sales experts provide 10 ideas--new and old--about the deal.

The Potent Mesh

This will be a watershed year for online marketers experimenting with the web as a channel--here's how to reach beyond the banner ad.

Intensive Care

Learn these WFM lessons to breed the best contact center forecasting, scheduling, and managing efforts.

The Enlightened Enterprise

As big businesses enter phase 2 (and for some, phase 3) of their varying CRM initiatives, these tips will refine the advance.

Introduction to Cardinal Rules: Ten for Ten--Table of Contents

10 years of getting right down to the real nitty gritty.

Front Office

Tenacious CRM

Thankfully, CRM implementations are not as risky as they used to be.

Reality Check

Gethuman? Get Real.

The new project's standard could work to deepen, not reduce, consumer dissatisfaction.

Customer Centricity

Community Activism

Experience be damned--creating a customer community is the best way to win wallet share.

The Tipping Point

Architectural CRM

Drawing a customer treatment blueprint will help businesses build their front and back strategies.

Pint of View

The Bottom Ten

Revisiting the worst in CRM, via the worst in CRM.


Super CRM for the Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens have turned to Epic Cycle to personalize their Web sites.

Vocal Ease

Companies should plan and implement a formal approach to collecting feedback and inserting the customer's voice into the business strategy.

Material Living in a Virtual World

Companies are looking to take a piece of Second Life's digital pie because of its explosive membership, but will this move prove virtually insignificant?

Market Focus: Automotive: Adapting to Altered Buy Environments

Consumers buy cars differently from how they did a generation ago. Makers and distributors must respond to the changes or become last year's model.

Statistically Speaking

destinationCRM Dashboard

Required Reading: The Price of Profiting

In The Power of Positive Profit, Graham Foster attacks the issue of false business success promoted through volume selling.


Taking Out the Trash

Onyx North America can now go beyond cleaning records to building more complete information from customer data.

Molding Marketing Mindsets

A database management provider finds that sometimes the most valuable ROI can be all in your head.

System of an Up

A nonprofit agency is outfitted with a more reliable network, enabling staffers and volunteers to stay connected in any location

Secret of My Success: Peace, Love, and Unity

Server management solutions provider DirectNet turns to Green Beacon to reduce the sales force's resistance to working together.


Tech Solution: Multivariable Testing Tools

Business Problem: A company can't determine which Web-site factors either drive conversion rates or detract from a customer's experience.

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