• March 1, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Multivariable Testing Tools

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Companies are turning to multivariable testing solutions to understand which parts of their Web sites work better than others. A/B testing only allows a company to compare different versions of a Web site, but multivariable analysis allows for individual factors contributing to (or detracting from) visitors' behaviors. In addition, redesigns, new features and functionality, and/or images can be tested within minutes of going live, driving conversion rates, and increasing Web revenue. Kefta Dynamic Targeting Delivery Model: Web-based Price: Pricing begins at $10,000 per month. Business Benefits: Dynamic Targeting uses visitor profiles to allow a company to deliver a customized online experience for customers. Companies can improve business performance via increased conversion rates, reduced shopping cart abandonment, and increased revenue. The suite comes with four key components, which include multivariable testing and optimization functionality. On average, clients using Dynamic Targeting increase online conversion rates by 30 percent, according to the company. Functionality: The software is essentially a workflow monitor turned inside out, according to the company. Instead of monitoring inward-focused business processes, it monitors the user, reacts to events, or initiates actions. The Web-based self-service interface features a five-step wizard that allows marketers to launch multivariable test campaigns or personalization campaigns based on paid and organic keywords from more than 5,500 search engines, user locations, referring URLs/domains, tracking parameters, and user behaviors. Contact: Kefta at 415-391-6881; or visit www.kefta.com. Memetrics xOs Enterprise Delivery Model: installed software Price: Pricing starts at $150,000 per channel. Business Benefits: Marketers can conduct experiments to increase conversion rates via personalized content and by better understanding which online marketing is and isn't working. The process of experimentation also allows marketers to test what customers want based on actual behavioral data, breaking the old-school method of relying on educated guesses or historical information. Cross-channel capabilities allow marketers to optimize a multitude of media, including Web sites, email, call centers, and direct mail campaigns. Functionality: Modeling and analytic functionality lets marketers map customer trends to increase conversion rates, registrations, or cost per click. Segmentation capabilities allow end users to filter test so they're focused on specific customer segments. Embedded best practices provide marketers with business processes to develop and deploy specific tests while automated allocation features allow personalized content to be distributed across multiple customer segments and channels. Contact: Memetrics at 415-513-5120; email at info@memetrics.com; or visit www.memetrics.com. Optimost Managed Solution Delivery Model: Web-based Price: The monthly retainer starts at $10,000. Business Benefits: The Optimost Enterprise Solution is designed to increase conversion rates by leveraging an organization's technical and analytical resources to manage Web-site testing in-house. Companies can focus Web-site content and feedback based on customer segmentation and testing. Functionality: A/B testing allows marketers to split-run tests to compare different Web-page layouts to find the most successful version. To further increase conversion rates, multivariable tests can be run on the winning page. Segmenting functionality uses a targeting segmentation engine to group visitors by specific characteristics. Content can be optimized for each individual segment and criteria can include source of traffic, visitor demographics, time/season, location, or any complex expression using available visitor context. Contact: Optimost at 212-891-6999; or visit www.optimost.com. Contact Assistant Editor Colin Beasty at cbeasty@destinationCRM.com.
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