Introduction to Cardinal Rules: Ten for Ten--Table of Contents

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Let the chest-pounding begin: Happy Birthday to us! CRM magazine celebrates 10 years of publication this month, an anniversary that allows us to trumpet customer relationship management's growth over a decade. Since 1997 CRM
magazine has colorfully presented readers with a wide range of articles covering industry analysis and trends, thought-leader and influencer profiles, workforce innovations and accomplishments, and successful--and, yes, some not so successful--customer care strategy stories that underscore both tangible ROI and the occasional intangible, but invaluable, rewards of aligning a business's functions from top to bottom. We've seized the opportunity to shout it by getting right down to the real nitty gritty in this special section covering four CRM segments (sales, marketing, WFM, and the enterprise) with four lists of 10 tips--best practices, suggestions, and even some hints--to help enterprises prosper and advance. Enjoy the coverage, put these tips to work for your business, and thank you, readers, for continuing to look to CRM magazine for the industry's first, last, and best knowledge. By Coreen Bailor, Colin Beasty, Marshall Lager, and Jessica Sebor. Edited by Alison Clark Lowander. Listen Up Sales experts provide 10 ideas--new and old--about the deal. The Potent Mesh This will be a watershed year for online marketers experimenting with the web--here's how to reach beyond the banner ad. Intensive Care Learn these WFM lessons to breed the best contact center forecasting, scheduling, and managing efforts. The Enlightened Enterprise As big businesses enter phase 2 (and for some, phase 3) of their varying CRM initiatives, these tips will refine the advance.
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