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UK e-Commerce Integrators: Are You Ready for m-Commerce?

A study of UK-based e-commerce integrators by Forrester Research reveals several deficiencies in their technology, business strategies and marketing as the companies attempt to cater to the mobile device market.

Special Section: Personalization vs. Privacy

Privacy issues won't disappear, but your company can benefit by treating them as a marketing opportunity.

Getting Hitched: Are Partnerships for You?

What do Las Vegas weddings and CRM partnerships have in common? According to Rod Johnson, research director at AMR Research in Boston, the similarity is that they just don't last. And, there's certainly no shortage of them.

Learning Curve

Successful business managers will now lead their companies by practicing good business sense as they develop new opportunities, build stronger teams and apply new Internet solutions. This means spending money carefully and strategizing to maintain a healthy cash flow.

A High Stakes Internet Gamble?

While many companies struggle with the possibility that an online expansion may reap havoc on revenues before it actually adds anything to the pot, Dovebid has already experienced an impressive net revenue climb.

The Romance of Partnerships--Is It Good For You?

While there are benefits to the many partnerships forming in the CRM arena, the transitory nature of these unions can leave your company with unsupported technology.

Web Extra: Seibel's Bruce Cleveland Discusses Alliances

In this Q&A Bruce Cleveland, Vice President Marketing at Siebel Systems talks about Siebels Alliance Program.

A New Recipe for e-Configuration

Danna Voth offers an inside look at, which offers applications to help companies configure, buy and sell complex products via the Internet.

Partnering: The New Growth Strategy

At first, for most enterprises managing partner relationships was simply a way to offer channel partners access to collateral and customer information. Now, when indirect sales channels can contribute substantially to the bottom line, partnering has become a growth strategy because companies can increase market share quickly by finding partners with expertise in desired areas.

Executive Forum Q&A: Location, Location, Location

In this Q&A E-Business Strategist Executive Editor Danna Voth asks Ann Vezina of EDS and Chris Hodges of NDSI Tele Performance what they consider when choosing a site for a customer interaction center.

Trends in Mobile CRM Solutions

A Q&A with Vanessa Fox, senior analyst, customer management strategies, AMR Research on trends in mobile CRM.

Jamba Juice Raises the Bar

With Incentive System's compensation solution, Jamba hires--and retains--the cream of the crop in a competitive labor market.

Branding Your Long-Term Relationships

Companies have gone beyond simply branding a product to branding the long-term relationship the customer has with the company.

Making Your Mark in the Information Age

Today's brands don't just represent products; they symbolize a company's relationship with its customers.

Advisable Support Solutions

A look at how Getronics uses Servicesoft's Web Advisor to provide agents with intelligent system support service.

Predicting ROI

Silent Partners creates customized selling tools that encourage an interactive dialog with prospects while demonstrating your product's value proposition.

Full-spectrum Incentive Plan Management

One-Comp offers compensation solutions that range from plan design and software to implementation and maintenance.

E.piphany Solution Personalizes Sales Campaigns in Real Time

Cable company MediaOne found in E.piphany's Real-Time Personalization Solution a tool that allows sales reps to instantly tailor cross-selling and upselling campaigns to customers in real-time through an easily accessible Web-based platform.

eGain: The Hosted Version

An examination of how eGain Mail's hosted option gives companies a state of the art customer service solution without the expensive and hassle of a licensed solution.

Making It Personal

MediaOne sales reps and service agents use E.piphany solution to offer products and services to callers.

Gain, No Pain

eGain's hosted e-mail application can take the pain out of managing growth in customer communications.

When Privacy Means Business

Ignoring data privacy issues puts your bottom line at risk.