Biographical Information

Denis Pombriant

founder and managing principal, Beagle Research Group

Denis Pombriant, is the founder and principal analyst of Beagle Research.Throughout a twenty–five year career in the software industry Pombriant has held multiple sales and marketing management positions in emerging companies. In 2000 Pombriant joined Aberdeen Group as a senior analyst and, over the course of the next four years, became one of the leading voices in CRM and on–demand technology. At Aberdeen Pombriant held positions of research director and vice president of the CRM practice.

Through his research and writing Pombriant identified several inflection points in the CRM market including the tipping point for acceptance of the on–demand model. His forecasts have accurately predicted the rise of platform computing several years ahead of the market.


Pombriant founded Beagle Research in January 2004 and continues to pursue an active schedule of research, writing and public speaking. His active CRM research areas include social media and communities, sales and marketing, delivery models including SaaS and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Articles for Denis Pombriant

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Customers can get support from a variety of sources. They only get service from you.

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CRM is changing, evolving to suit the demands of the moment.

The New Currency of Social Media

Active engagement gives us a chance to better understand the customer.

No Credit Where Credit Is Due

The rebirth of layaway in an age of automation.

The Next Disruption

The notion of Peak Oil has more to do with CRM than you think.

Evolution from Without

The innovation you seek may come from your customers.

The Customer Module

After years of trying, CRM still hasn't got a single place to capture and analyze relevant customer data.

The Longitude of Experience

Reconsidering the life cycle of customer interaction.

The Democratization of Technology

New systems will unleash a new round of creativity in business applications.

Back to the Drawing Board

The real problem with contact centers runs deeper than you might think.

Truly Mobile Strategies

Wireless SFA solutions require access to data on a broader array of applications on larger platforms.

Community Activism

Experience be damned--creating a customer community is the best way to win wallet share.

The End of Call Centers?

A conflict is brewing between groups focused on managing costs and those focused on generating profit.

The On-Demand Mathematics of Enterprise Computing

Change in computing will not be limited to technology--it will influence business models for every company competing in the traditional software arena.

Selling Is All About the Setup

New technologies help improve sales processes, but companies are not focusing enough on fundamentals.

After Transactional Systems

The next step in CRM is to incorporate customer feedback.

Goodbye ROI

It's time to alter how we think about financial rewards from technology investments--not all rewards are tangible.

Three Trends to Watch

Business process management, flexible hosted solutions, and return on customer will drive business decisions.