• September 1, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Social Media Monitoring Delivers for Domino's

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Domino’s delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day from 10,988 stores in 70-plus countries around the world. Global retail sales equaled $8 billion last year. With that much volume, the retail pizza brand is sure to capture some social media attention.

In fact, since the start of 2013, the Domino’s customer care team has increased the social media volume it handles by 137 percent. Customer service agents can handle as many as 10,000 social media interactions per month, thanks to Astute SRM, a social media management tool from Astute Solutions.

Astute SRM automatically searches for hundreds of Twitter keywords and constantly monitors Domino’s Facebook wall to find posts that need attention, which is, on average, less than 3 percent of the total volume. It filters out posts that don’t apply specifically to the pizza brand, such as those related to Domino Sugar and the game of dominoes.

Before the company began using Astute SRM in mid-2012, Domino’s agents manually sorted through social media posts to weed out the 97 percent that don’t require a response. It was a time-intensive and inefficient exercise.

“Everything was manual then. We had one person just reading through everything on our Facebook page,” recalls Terri Haffey, manager of customer care at Domino’s.

Now everything is automated, and Astute not only monitors Facebook and Twitter for Domino’s, but also Yelp and Instagram.

“We can gather so much more information and separate it out as needed,” Haffey says.

Domino’s has four customer service reps dedicated exclusively to social media. Several other agents regularly handle phone and email interactions, but can be pulled into the social media channel if needed.

Astute SRM is integrated with Domino’s CRM tool, ePowerCenter, which is also from Astute Solutions. That gives Domino’s an added level of reporting and allows for deeper follow-up.

The compatibility of the two solutions has saved time and made the Domino’s contact center more efficient. In addition to the increase in social traffic handled, Domino’s has reduced handling time by 53 percent. Social cases are often initiated in less than five minutes.

“With most of the posts we get, we can start the engagement right away,” Haffey boasts.

The company’s service-level goal is to resolve cases completely within one hour. As many as 60 percent of the cases are resolved within 30 minutes, and 89 percent fall within the hour threshold.

“It’s a huge savings in time for us not having to find the post, start a case file, cut and paste the details, route the case to the right person, and get a coordinated response out,” says Alan Carrig, team leader for social media care at Domino’s. “We can engage with [customers] on a much higher level. And we’ve gained greater insights with the reporting tools and CRM integration.”

Beyond that, Haffey says Astute SRM has been a huge asset for brand protection. When something happens that has the potential to diminish the customer experience, speed is important. So when Astute SRM finds one of Domino’s preselected alert keywords, it immediately notifies the team, even on nights and weekends.

Astute also issues special alerts when posts come from major influencers who can have a huge impact on the brand. CBS This Morning anchor Gayle King, TV financial analyst Suze Orman, and singer/entertainer Miley Cyrus have all tweeted about Domino’s recently. In each case, Astute SRM intercepted the conversations and allowed Domino’s to respond quickly to turn these high-profile critics into social media endorsers.

“When a big name calls out Domino’s, for good or bad, Astute SRM allows us to respond quickly,” Haffey says.

That, in turn, “gives us positive engagement with our customers, and hopefully we can generate loyalty and sales along the way,” she adds.

In fact, that is probably the next step for Domino’s. “We do have plans in the near future to build on the sales opportunities we uncover [with Astute SRM],” Haffey says. “We’re continually working with Astute to determine what’s next.”

The Payoff
Since deploying Astute SRM in mid-2012, Domino's has experienced the following:

  • a 137 percent increase in social traffic handled;
  • a 53 percent reduction in handling time;
  • most social cases initiated in less than 5 minutes; and
  • as many as 60 percent of social media cases completely resolved within 30 minutes, and 89 percent within an hour.


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