• March 30, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Astute Launches Social Media Management Solution

Astute Solutions has released Astute Social Relationship Management (SRM), a social CRM solution that advances enterprise social media management by integrating extensive social media monitoring, analysis, and engagement capabilities into a single solution.

But beyond the basic social media monitoring, Astute SRM leverages a proprietary crawler that automates the discovery of new and relevant conversations on across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, review sites, and others.  It also provides emotion detection to identify states like affection, appreciation, gratitude, anger, and disdain and help companies identify fans, threats. and more.

“Emotions are clear indicators of brand equity,” says Alex George, chief technology office of Astute Innovations, a subsidiary of Astute Solutions.

Capabilities of the Astute SRM solution include the following:

  • Natural Language Processing— The solution automatically reads and determines the content and intent of each social media interaction.
  • Intelligent Expansion – Through large-scale association, Astute SRM automatically expands the topics/competitors/terms relevant to a company’s respective industry. Additionally, an organization can integrate company- and industry-related terms into the search parameters.
  • Profile and Influencer Analysis — Helps companies understand who is talking about them, where they are located, their level of influence, the source of their activity, languages, and self-reported demographic information.
  • Brand Analysis — Astute SRM shows an organization which terms and topics are being associated with their brands and competing brands, revealing how the company is positioned in the minds of consumers.
  • Workflow Automation — The Astute SRM solution immediately routes and escalates social media interactions to the right agents or managers based on their skill sets and predefined business rules. It enables collaboration and delegation between team members in responding to communications.
  • Engagement Tools — A representative can respond to issues within an inbox, mobile device, browser, instant messenger, or CRM tool, create and manage responses, collaborate with others, delegate, add notes, and more.
  • On-Demand Reporting Capabilities — With Astute SRM, key personnel have access to insight whenever they need it. The solution offers a wide range of configurable and actionable reports that can be accessed in multiple formats, across the company. Managers can configure their own real-time dashboards around the issues they care about, and can receive reports in PDF, CSV or other formats.

“The big deal behind social is the opportunity for the voice of the customer to be heard by every division at a company,” George explains.

To that end, the software “looks for comparative phrases with other proper names, product lines, etc., to identify what people like and don’t like,” he adds.

The solution also provides a unified view of the customer that links social profiles to interaction histories, and real-time analysis dashboards.  The goal, George says, “is to answer two key questions: Who is the customer? and what is he saying?, and then mix it with context so that when the company decides to respond, the person is ready to respond properly.

“The core technology that supports this is the ability to collect information from lots of sources and do lots of comparisons,” George continues, “so that by the time the agent gets the message, all the information needed is right there from the start.”

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