Moxie Software Rolls Out Social Chat App for Facebook

Moxie Software, an enterprise social software and customer experience solutions provider, today released a new social chat application that lets customer sales and service representatives leverage public and shared information on a consumer's Facebook profile to deliver personalized offers and more informed interactions.

Once a consumer accepts an offer to chat with a brand on Facebook, Moxie's Engage+ app, which is now available with its Chat Spaces, gives companies access to information that the consumer has opted into sharing, such as his or her age, friend count, interests, and likes. The user can also see whether or not the consumer has liked a competitor's page.

"It's all about providing consumers with a better personalized experience while they're interacting with your brand on Facebook," explains Nikhil Govindaraj, vice president of products at Moxie. "The goal is to convert fans into actual customers and that's easier to do when you can add more life to your interactions."

Companies that are personalizing their interactions, such as by tailoring their offers according to a customer's interests, are "taking social engagement to the next level," Govindaraj maintains. "You're not just being responsive to complaints and comments that are made about your company, you're actually being proactive about it, which is the next realm of the social media space," he adds.

Moxie has plans to roll out similar applications for Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. The company is also looking into beefing up its reporting and analytics offerings, according to Govindaraj.

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