Conversica Launches AI Customer Success Assistant

Conversica recently launched its AI Customer Success Assistant, an AI-powered solution that automates customer interactions over email and SMS with the goal of improving the customer experience while reducing administrative task load. More specifically, it aims to do three key things: free up customer success managers, scale customer success operations, and provide customer interactions that are automated yet personalized.

The assistant automates customer outreach so that organizations can gather product feedback, schedule renewal conversations, arrange quarterly reviews, and conduct customer health checks. By automating these tasks, the assistant aims to allow customer success managers to spend more time with high-value customers.

“In a leveraged organization, customer success managers have to balance their time spent between repetitive administrative type tasks [such as] reaching out to customers and scheduling QBRs with more strategic interactions like analyzing and maximizing the value of their investment and understanding the new capabilities and opportunities to improve their business,” says Alex Terry, Conversica’s CEO. “Having an AI Assistant to offload some of these important but routine tasks is liberating both in terms of peace of mind for the customer success manager and frees up time in the daily calendar.”

The AI-powered assistant also enables customer success teams to enlarge their customer portfolios as “time-consuming administrative tasks are taken off of their shoulders,” Terry says, such as consistent, high-quality follow-up. “The assistant quickly scales customer success management by improving the ratio of accounts to customer success managers,” he says. “The AI helps drive more consistency and will follow up every two weeks if needed, or on whatever cadence the customer prefers.”

The assistant can also scale the intake of customer feedback. “Because of the consistent follow-up by our AI, customer success managers can gather and process more customer feedback, more quickly,” he adds.

And while customer interactions are automated, they are given a personalized touch through the assistant’s conversational AI, which serves to speed up customer communications as it guides on-boarding activities and directs customers to product and support information.

“Our AI achieves a balance of personalization and automation—dynamic conversation with variable insertions—where you can insert variations based on the direction of the conversation, and optimize the length of message, type of language, and cadence to achieve an optimal outcome. Because we have so many data inputs at scale, programmatically you achieve those data learnings,” Terry elaborates.

Terry adds that the assistant complements Conversica’s other offerings. “In creating the Conversica AI Customer Success Assistant, we saw an opportunity to leverage our existing Conversica AI Sales Assistant technology, which had largely been focused on helping to drive revenue creation by working with marketing and sales organizations at the top of the marketing and sales funnel,” he says.

“The introduction of the AI Customer Success Assistant is another important milestone for Conversica as we help more and more businesses automate routine, yet important, business conversations and drive tangible business results. Not only does our AI solution enable our clients to offload the tasks associated with repetitive customer service processes, it also gives them a powerful tool to help surprise and delight at almost every touchpoint in the customer life cycle.”

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