• May 8, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Qvidian Adds to its Sales Content Automation Platform

Qvidian, a provider of sales execution solutions, has released the latest version of Qvidian Content Automation, a dynamic sales asset management and delivery platform that works to improve how sales teams communicate value to buyers using the most relevant sales content.

Qvidian's latest software release is focused on an advanced user experience with streamlined searching and navigation capabilities.

"We wanted to make it more accessible, previewable, and intuitive," explains Amanda Wison, director of marketing at Qvidian. "We've added a bunch of capabilities around how [marketers and salespeople] view the content. We tie together guided selling and content in a sales context."

Central to that is a new intelligent search feature that guides users to applicable content assets, dynamically delivering the most appropriate resources for each selling situation. Then the most applicable content is automatically compiled based on situational selling criteria and selective user input, enabling sales professionals to have the right conversations with buyers and sell smarter.

"We want to make sure that people can identify the right content they need at the right time," Wilson says.

A key element of the new release is the Content Library, which Wilson calls "a central [content management system] for all of a company's sales assets," including brochures, product data sheets, sales presentations, and other digital media. "It's particularly helpful if there is a piece of content that might be reused over and over," she says.

Qvidian also added new capabilities around how users can view the content and search results. They can, for example, preview content in the system as a grid, in thumbnails, or as a filmstrip. Users can also search for and view multiple pieces of content concurrently, "making [Qvidian Content Automation] much more adaptable to their particular workflows," according to Wilson.

In addition, this release provides deeper insight into what content is working and what's not through Qvidian's new advanced Content Analytics capability. Content Analytics, with multiple dashboards and visualizations, enhances content management processes by strategically monitoring user activity, and can increase efficiencies by ensuring that only the best and most accurate content assets are used. Users are now equipped to determine how best to invest in content and make better decisions by analyzing trends.

This release also provides users with quick access to targeted content, coaching, and sales tools through integration with Qvidian's Sales Playbooks & Analytics guided selling platform. That integration allows the solution to automatically surface the best and most relevant content for each customer and selling environment.

"Particular processes are great as a guide, but salespeople need to adapt on the fly to what each particular customer needs," Wilson says. "The Digital Sales Playbook makes sure they are moving the deal forward in the appropriate way."

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