Teradata Updates Its Integrated Marketing Cloud

Big data analytics firm Teradata has unveiled several updates to its Integrated Marketing Cloud offering. Improvements were made primarily to the marketing operations, campaign management, and digital messaging capabilities, and promise to give marketers a more holistic, real-time view of the data available to them, enabling them to make more data-driven decisions.

On the marketing operations front, Teradata's marketing cloud now allows users to manage their digital assets over the course of an asset lifecycle. To strengthen the marketing operations functionality, Teradata has also partnered with ADAM Software, a media workflow and marketing technology vendor that helps marketers track how digital assets are being used. By integrating this functionality into Teradata's marketing cloud, marketers can now track which assets are used, how often they are used, and which pieces of content perform best.

Integration also played a key role in Teradata's digital messaging capability upgrade, which now integrates with the vendor's campaign management offering. Bringing campaign management together with digital delivery will allow marketers to use campaign templates to keep messages and branding consistent while keeping content "refreshed," according to a company statement.

Teradata's campaign management tool got a makeover as well, and now offers anonymous-to-known decisioning. The new feature combines customers' past behavioral data with activity on the site from anonymous users and matches it up ito give marketers the data they need to deliver more personalized offers to Web site or mobile site visitors.

"It's important for marketers to deliver relevant content and offers to existing customers as well as to new visitors in real-time. Every interaction with the site is a piece of key data, and we’re giving marketers a way to leverage that data throughout the entire customer cycle," Michael Lummus, director of strategy for digital markets at Teradata, says.

The company has also announced several key partnerships, including ADAM Software, Celebrus Technologies, a real-time contextual data analytics provider, LiveRamp, a company that provides measurement, targeting and solutions, and Urban Airship, a mobile marketing solutions vendor.

"Like Teradata, Celebrus recognizes the immediate and long-term business value of customer-centric digital marketing. By integrating solutions that enable companies to improve personalization and deliver truly relevant messages, Teradata and Celebrus are empowering businesses to meet the high expectation of today's always-on consumer," Simon Burton, CEO of Celebrus Technologies, said in a statement.

As Teradata continues to improve its marketing cloud, Lummus says Teradata's ability to extend segmentation and campaign management capabilities to both traditional paid channels as well as digital channels set it apart. "We're seeing a trend towards the integration of email and other channels with paid advertising. Companies have matured from just wanting to have a digital presence to need to coordinate and optimize it with their overall branding. We're helping them do that by enabling them to optimize their paid investments alongside their own marketing efforts," he says.

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