Teradata Adds Features to Integrated Marketing Cloud
Marketing Studio 9 includes updates to technology, collaboration.
Posted Mar 11, 2014
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Teradata today announced several upgrades to its Stmarketing cloud solutions focused on collaboration and helping marketers thrive in data-driven ecosystems. The round of updates in the integrated marketing cloud includes added features in Marketing Studio 9, updates and integrations in the Digital Messaging Center, and collaborations with Celebrus Technologies and Urban Airship.

"Our real focus point is allowing marketers to be more data-driven and to know more about their customer data and how their campaigns are performing and executing," describes Wes Moore, vice president of marketing at Teradata Applications. 

To help marketers better collaborate, especially for companies that have multiple brands, Marketing Studio 9 will include calendars that make sure marketers aren't competing in the timing of their initiatives. It will work with other calendar applications like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Spend Management has a new visual interface that makes viewing campaign budgets more simple. Marketers can integrate with their ERP systems and reallocate budgets using the tool, reducing end-of-year scrambles to spend extra funds that had been allocated to a specific area that underspent.

In a nod to the working habits of millennials, message boards allow teams to communicate within the Teradata platform. Notes on campaign or creative can be saved using annotations, allowing others to see results, even for older campaigns they might be merely using as research.

Marketers who use the Digital Messaging Center will now see full integration with Teradata’s Customer Interaction Manager 7, which provides campaign management to marketers. The integration between online and offline channels will give marketers the tools to work toward a unified experience across channels. The Digital Messaging Center will also have improved reporting via an email reporting feature dubbed Smart Stats that visualizes campaign performance.

To effectively and efficiently collect data from mobile and Web, Teradata has deepened its collaboration with Celebrus Technologies, specifically its Big Data Engine v8.0. Digital data can be married with offline data to create segments or market to specific groups of customers in real time, like over the phone. "The partnership with Celebrus will pull owned data and bring it into our customer data warehouse so we can use that for better segmentation and interaction," Moore says, noting that this capability will lead to more personalized, relevant interactions with customers.

As push notifications become part of the marketing landscape, Teradata has created a partnership with Urban Airship, which provides marketing interactions via the push notifications common for users who have downloaded a brand’s app. Urban Airship can segment audiences and deliver proximity marketing based on customer location or whether a device is in range of an iBeacon. The partnership will complement Teradata’s Digital Messaging Center.

The focus on data-driven capabilities fits with the current pendulum swing in the market from creative to data, Moore notes. "There are more opportunities to be data-driven and know more about your customers," he says. "We don't want to continue to see the same offers for Pampers as we go through that point in the journey. The core trends is that there needs to be a balance between the creativity and data-driven aspect to really be successful."

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