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Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) goes beyond maintaining contact data and transaction histories. A full-featured CRM for retailers can integrate point of sale (POS) system data to sketch a detailed picture of customers, sales goals, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in retail sales.


To Truly Work, AI Needs to Get Really Personal

Artificial intelligence must do more than reflect back what it thinks it knows about us

Are Grocery Services Profitably Delivering on Customer Experience?

The last mile of direct-to-consumer supply chain is challenging

Amazon Serves Up CX Lessons

With Go and AR, the giant retailer is showing us how new tools can connect with customers

Retailers Need to Adapt to the Smart Customer

Smartphone-wielding customers are reshaping the shopping experience, both online and in-store.

Bold Modern Commerce Experiences Require Extreme Personalization

The Amazons of the world know exactly what their customers want, and to compete your company must, too

Retailers Must Embrace New Shopping Experiences

Online disruptors and a new breed of digital consumer mean its sink-or-swim time for traditional retailers and consumer goods sellers

Vice Squad

The art of selling things that are bad for you

Tapping the Switching Economy

Three tips for keeping customers from straying.

Designing Humor: IKEA Mocks Apple

Our consumerist obsession values hype over innovation.

From Purpose to Profit

Activating a purpose galvanizes employees, drives culture, and boosts the bottom line.

The Bright Future of the Internet of Things

Today's innovations are only the beginning.

What Makes a Successful Mobile User Experience?

Uncovering the traits that set industry leaders apart.

The Race to Own You

How four Web giants aim to know more about consumers than we can even imagine.

Don't Discount Discounts

Today's customers not only want coupons, they demand them.

Subscriptions Boost Customer Engagement...and Business

Think about business as a collection of consumers.

The Long Tail of Customer Experience

How American Girl dolls became much more than child's play.

Retailers Can Combat Showrooming

As more people use smartphones, tablets, and e-commerce sites, showrooming will likely intensify.

Screaming for a Good, Fundamental Customer Experience

Sometimes the fun, shiny objects are just the cherry on top.

CRM Comes to the Rescue

'How can we have growth like a modern dealership if we don't have the things that a modern dealership has?'

How May I Help You, Buddy?

Warm personalized service can clash with professional detachment.