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Government Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs are different than those of businesses. They must serve the general public at large and not just profitable customers. CRM solutions for government use often need to integrate with existing government systems.

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Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service

In the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for CaaS, you'll learn how contact center solutions measure up. You will also discover why now might be the right time to update your contact center.

Market Focus: Government--Better Outreach with Outbound

Mass-messaging systems help keep constituents informed

Taxpayers Demand CRM

The U.S. government struggles as the entity most resistant to change

Can Marketers Behave Themselves?

As empowered customers traipse across the Web, they leave ever-juicier bread crumbs of behavior in their wake. The government may step in to limit what marketers are allowed to scoop up.

X Marks the Spot

Consumers are looking for you on search engines—but are you there to be found?

Do You Know Your URLs?

Not every marketing effort includes a campaign-specific Web address -- but some of the ones that do aren't doing a very good job of connecting to the main brand.

Feedback: August 2009

Readers tell us what they think of "social" technologies.

Social Shepherds

If you expect employees to stay within the lines, you need to draw the lines first.

Poking Holes in Attrition

Social networking has the potential to transform the day-to-day operations of customer service representatives.

Power to the Consumer

New federal laws require an opt-out for prerecorded calls—but that just might lead to better relationships.

Stay Tuned

The switch to digital TV broadcasts is upon us—or is it?

Stimulating Citizen Experience

Could an infusion of Web 2.0 in the public sector change the way we view constituent service?

CRM on Twitter: March 2009

Government 2.0 comes to the Twitterverse.

Required Reading: It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s You.

Reinvent your revenue stream to help people, communities, and the planet.

Market Focus: Government: Citizen Satisfaction

The public sector thinks differently about the C in CRM, as more vendors cater to this vertical's specific needs.

Market Focus: The Public Sector--Eye on the State

Local and national governments are turning to CRM to satisfy the citizen-as-consumer.

Striking Back with 311

The 311 framework allowed the agency to ramp up its agent pool from 500 to about 900, with employees from other departments and agencies.

NYC Rides With Telecommuting

Employees work from home, maintaining a business-as-usual approach, as the 2005 transit strike halts the public transportation system.

When Disaster Strikes

CRM technology can help put the pieces back together.

A Glimpse at DR-CAFTA

"Outsourcing has more to do with linguistics or the language than it has to do with the trade regulations."