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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration increases your CRM's value to your sales force by bringing in additional valuable customer lead data directly through various contact points like a company website or social media presence.

The Pros and Cons of Running an Entirely Mobile Online Business

As smartphones and tablets have become primary tools for both consumers and entrepreneurs, a mobile-first strategy is the way forward—but it represents an exciting yet challenging shift.

Beyond Websites and Apps: Strategies for Maximizing Your Online Marketplace Presence

Even brands with extremely well-designed sites and apps may be missing out on a large portion of sales if they don't also have a strong marketplace presence.

Retailers Must Embrace Holiday Shopping’s Evolving Digital Landscape

Embracing change is not just advisable; it's essential to maintain relevance and ensure competitiveness.

The Future of CX: How AI-driven Conversation Intelligence Is Revolutionizing CRM

Generative AI can gather and process vast amounts of unstructured data and efficiently turn that into easily understandable and actionable insights.

First-Party Data Is the Most Valuable Resource Organizations Have—If They Can Activate It

First-party data will be critical for finding new customers once third-party cookies aren't present by default.

3 Tried-and-True Strategies for Using Content in Sales Enablement

In-person sales and marketing efforts still need a digital pairing and content assets to support them.

Technology Is Creating New Ways to Sell to Prospects. Here’s How.

Sales automation tools can be integrated into the sales funnel to make sales tasks quicker and easier, allowing salespeople to spend more time personalizing their interactions with buyers.

High-Growth U.S. Startups Are Missing a Big Revenue Driver: Localization

What B2B Marketers Need to Know About Consumer Activists

Consumer activists aren't just consumers. They're business professionals too—and their personal values and beliefs are coming into play more and more when it comes to their B2B buying decisions.

4 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Value via Digital Content

With consumers' digital experiences driving more sales, a unified approach to digital content can strengthen omnichannel experiences, attracting new customers while building the loyalty and lifetime value of existing ones.

AI Can Help Eliminate Friction in the Customer Buying Journey

Discover how leveraging AI insights can help you identify and eliminate friction points in your customer journey to improve conversion rates, customer lifetime value, and brand reputation, ultimately resulting in a seamless and personalized customer experience.

4 Strategies for Owning the Entire Sales Funnel, From Creation to Close

Too many people these days have fallen into the erroneous belief that sales is a job that's practically impossible to do well.

Successful CRM Does Not Rely on Employee Participation

In knowledge-based industries like finance and professional services, tracking and managing complex relationships can be too time-consuming. The solution: thoughtful automation.

Is 'Phygital' the Future of CX?

Digital tools have upgraded how we shop, but physical experiences haven't lost value. Brands need to migrate toward CX strategies that integrate physical and digital touchpoints.

A CMO Roadmap: Operational Efficiencies Are Key for Navigating the Changing Customer Landscape

Economic uncertainties are pushing consumers to be more budget-conscious, a shift that is creating new challenges—and new priorities—for today's social marketing leaders.

It’s Time to Assess Your Marketing Technology Stack

Advances in digital marketing technology have enabled access to more information about prospects and customers and insights on how various campaigns are performing—but all those capabilities can lead to an incredibly complex martech stack.

How Technical Debt Can Impact the Customer and Employee Experience

The downstream effects of maintaining legacy systems or processes can be unpleasant and long-lasting.

Refining the B2B Buyer Journey to Acquire and Keep Customers

New technology has made the modern B2B buying journey more streamlined than ever. But if you're still implementing disorganized and incoherent solutions, your B2B buyer conversion funnel may be suffering.

The CX Leader's Evolution and Business Impact

The new customer experience officers will come from within the organization, operators who understand how company technology, data, and design choices will lead to a better understanding of customers.

To Get the Most From Your CDP, Ask These 3 Questions

Most CDPs are great at providing insights into segments and near-real-time granular segments. Operationalizing those segments to drive business results is a different matter.