Savo Acquires StoryQuest; Reveals Record Revenue Growth in 2013

Savo, a provider of sales enablement technology, has acquired StoryQuest, a digital storytelling service and postcard provider. Savo closed out 2013 with strong revenue growth following its announcement of three new partnerships and the launch of an application on the Salesforce1 AppExchange, and plans to leverage its momentum and recent acquisition in 2014.

Armed with a sales enablement backbone, Savo acquired StoryQuest to strengthen its current offering and improve the lead generation and nurturing experience it delivers to customers. While automation technology removes some of the challenges associated with the sales workflow, many of the tasks associated with the lead nurturing process still require a "personal touch" that automation software can't provide, Kurt Andersen, executive vice president of sales enablement and marketing at Savo, says. StoryQuest enables sales teams to offer that level personalization, without the burden associated with manually keeping track of individual customer stories.

StoryQuest's Postcard offering, for example, allows sales representatives to build relationships with their leads through personalized digital postcards that create a message using the individual salesperson's voice, face, and personality. "Prospects get a ton of emails a day, and this unique outreach approach can really make a company stand out because it leaves an impression," Andersen says. "We think this will really be beneficial to our clients, and is going to be a natural extension of our current products."

Savo's line of solutions includes CRM Opportunity Pro, their newest application, which was recently launched on the Salesforce1 AppExchange. The application, which integrates with Salesforce, enables organizations to use customer data to improve lead conversion, drive higher adoption rates, and accelerate the sales cycle. CRM Opportunity Pro also provides a prescriptive process with suggestions for reviving stalled opportunities and aligning sales activities with the business goals of their customers and prospects. The launch of this new tool, along with updates to existing offerings, contributed to a 30 percent increase in new client engagements and record revenue growth in 2013, the company reported in a statement.

"We've made significant updates and enhancements to our product suite and it has paid off," Andersen says, referring to a series of improvements the company made in September 2013. "We now have an even stronger variety of solutions that alleviate ineffectiveness among sales teams, and this has boosted new client engagement and revenue," he adds.

Throughout 2013, Savo also entered into three strategic partnerships with Strategic Proposals, a proposal developer; Corporate Visions, a marketing and sales messaging company; and Richardson, a global sales training company. While Savo hasn't revealed much about its plans for the partnerships, Andersen says more will be revealed at the company's Sales Enablement Summit in Chicago this April.

"We're starting to see a greater understanding and value assigned to a sales-enabled approach and its ability to drive sales productivity and deliver results," Andersen says. "There's a lot happening in the space right now and there's more to come," he adds.


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