Infer Releases Predictive Ad Targeting Platform

Infer, provider of a sales and marketing platform, today released its Predictive Ad Targeting Platform, designed to help companies identify and classify their most promising prospects and target them with more effective campaigns. In conjunction, the company has also announced a partnership with Terminus, provider of an account-based marketing (ABM) platform.

According to Vik Singh, Infer’s cofounder and CEO, the Predictive Ad Targeting Platform leverages Infer's lead and opportunity scoring features to outline audience segments and makes it possible to import those segments into outside advertising technologies. "There's been a lot of talk about advertising and predictive, and how they can play together," Singh says. However, "we don't want to be both an advertising company and an automation company. History has shown that's been very difficult to do." Instead, Infer has designed an open architecture that enables interaction with vendors who are already deeply immersed in the area.

The product incorporates Infer's Profile Management Platform, which combines Infer's predictive scoring capabilities with internal and external signals to create tailored audiences. These signals are pulled from a company's internal systems and third-party sources, including marketing automation platforms and other data solutions, to determine which new accounts are interested enough to warrant further focus. Infer's system then filters through these attributes to interpret and match them, creating richer customer profile.

Singh points out that the profiles can be specified according to user preferences. "Say [a user wants] to go after companies that have more than 10,000 employees that are also B2B companies that score well," he says. "They can create those conditions in our profile builder solution" and label them under a custom name.

Companies then use these profiles to automate their workflows, strategies, and ad campaigns, Singh says. By feeding these profiles into Terminus's system, marketers can figure out what accounts would be the most logical to invest in. "Terminus has the ability to say: 'Here are the accounts I care about, and here's my budget—I want to go and do advertising on those accounts,'" Singh says.

Singh mentions that the tool also enables marketing teams to help "sales teams directly by throwing them more air cover and top-of-mind messaging for the accounts they're already working on."

Users must be joint customers of both Infer and an outside ad vendor to make the most of this new release and partnership, but Singh notes that it's not uncommon for Infer customers to subscribe to such services. "Most companies we work with already have advertising agencies and accounts with vendors like Terminus and Adroll and others," Singh says. "The important thing [for us] is to maintain those accounts—we don't want them to have to do everything through our platform, because they already have advertising relationships that we want to leverage."

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