Yellowfin Announces Web-Based Application Connectors

Business intelligence platform provider Yellowfin today announced a series of connectors for web-based applications that enable marketing and sales teams to view and share data and analytics from third-party applications directly through Yellowfin, as opposed to having to log in and query each data source individually.

Yellowfin Connectors map out the key fields required for applications that many marketing and sales teams rely on, such as Google Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, and Salesforce. For example, the Google Analytics Connector includes the fields for Acquisition Overview, New versus Return, Location, Audience, Technology, Channel, and Goals. Users can also choose from a range of other fields, prioritizing those that are most relevant to their operations, as well as mix and match Connectors to best suit their needs.

In addition, the solution features prebuilt, real-time dashboards designed specifically for each application and reports that summarize data from each application—both of which can be customized. These features aim to improve business performance by cutting down on lost reports, as well as eliminating the need for screenshots, emails, learning multiple applications, remembering various passwords and login information, and calling upon IT teams to create connections to third-party applications. Furthermore, users can combine information gleaned from dashboards and reports, as well as introduce data from external sources into the mix.

"With Connectors, all the critical metrics a business needs to become data-driven can be in one platform," Daniel Shaw-Dennis, global marketing director at Yellowfin, said in a statement. "The ability to combine that information and deliver it in real time enables everyone in an organization to get insights they would never get with siloed data. Information can be shared with all key stakeholders in one place."

Earlier this year, the company launched the Data Preparation Module, which aims to help businesses overcome challenges commonly associated with the preparation of data and analytics in three key ways: First, the solution incorporates all data preparation processes into a single analytics environment; second, it offers a range of data profiling capabilities; and third, it provides automated best practice metadata modeling.

"With this release, Yellowfin has delivered another first for the BI and analytics software industry," Glen Rabie, cofounder and CEO at Yellowfin, said in a statement. "Yellowfin's virtualized Data Preparation Module uniquely addresses the cost, complexity, security and inefficiency issues encountered by typical approaches to data preparation. No other vendor in the market is solving data preparation challenges in the same way as Yellowfin.”

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