Vonage Announces Connectivity to Microsoft Workflow Automation Suite

In partnership with Microsoft, cloud communications services provider Vonage has released a connector for Microsoft's suite of workflow automation tools that, through Vonage's Nexmo API platform, enables SMS and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities to be more easily built into custom workflows. In addition to increasing employee productivity and efficiency, the connector is designed to address critical business scenarios such as when a business process requires input for approval, a prospect is poised to become a customer with the proper follow-up, a customer has an issue that requires immediate attention, or a high-priority email from senior leadership is delivered.

The connector includes integration with Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps, and Microsoft PowerApps. Flow users can create customized notifications as well as deploy SMS and TTS capabilities with a code-free visual building tool. Azure Logic users can integrate messaging alerts into Logic Apps to create workflows that connect different systems. PowerApps users can create new data by connecting with services such as SharePoint and Salesforce, build apps based on that data, and publish those apps for web and mobile channels. The connector also integrates with ZenDesk, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

"Users can design their own notifications scenario by combining Microsoft Flow and Nexmo's SMS or Text to Speech APIs. Unlike email, SMS and Text to Speech are used for critical business notifications. These notification channels can surface above the noise. With Flow and Nexmo, any user can now achieve this without the need to build and maintain custom code," Tony Jamous, president of Nexmo The Vonage API Platform, told CRM magazine via email.

"The addition of Nexmo APIs to Microsoft workflow tools elevates productivity and the efficiency of business operations and processes by providing messaging capabilities to highlight and surface critical work items that require immediate attention," Jamous said in a statement. "By augmenting existing notification processes with custom, real-time SMS alerts via Nexmo APIs, companies are communicating priorities among stakeholders in more engaging ways to improve operations for better business outcomes."

"With increasingly high open rates, SMS continues to be an important vehicle for messaging, enabling companies to entrust urgent business alerts to the channel where they know they will receive immediate attention," he said in the statement.

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