Velocify Releases Lead Manager on Salesforce.com's AppExchange

Sales acceleration tool Velocify will now be available as an application for Salesforce.com under the name Velocify LeadManager for Salesforce.com. The integration will allow a new way for customers to utilize Velocify's sales automation features. Until this point, Velocify's customers could sync Velocify with Salesforce.com, but had to use a standalone software system with a separate interface.

Velocify is designed for companies "that are looking to put a high velocity of sales in place," President and CEO Nick Hedges says. The technology uses automation techniques to instruct a salesperson on who is the best person to call next. While Salesforce.com is usually tailored for field sales teams, Velocify is optimized for sales reps who sell through phone calls, and includes a family of features called Dial-IQ that help automate and speed up the dialing process.

One of the key features of Velocify's product is dynamic lead distribution, which uses intelligence to screen leads, opportunities, and calendar events. With Activity Prioritization, users see one list that will place the best next step in front of the sales representative. "On the top of the screen, you will see the opportunity most likely to be moved forward in the process," Hedges illustrates, helping speed up the cadence of calls. Prioritization rules can be created by sales managers and refined constantly.

The Velocify system also enables companies to analyze the practices of their top salespeople and turn those into rules that will apply to the rest of the organization, lifting teams as a whole. A dashboard system graphically displays results to a sales manager, making it easier to analyze performance and identify potential optimizations.

Velocify helps eliminate the time-consuming elements of CRM systems, where people often spend too much of their time organizing leads and figuring out who to call next, according to Hedges. "There's no structure to what they're doing. What we see in those environments is they get overwhelmed, and they don't spend a lot of time speaking with opportunities."

The process of building their product into Salesforce.com required the Velocify development team to recalibrate some of their features. One hurdle was that Salesforce.com and Velocify categorized different levels of leads differently. “The impression I got was that it was very unusual territory for our developers to be in a different interface, and there was a lot of skepticism about adopting a different framework,” Hedges remembers, but “as the project came on they became more excited about the opportunities.”

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