• March 20, 2013

Leads360 Launches Intelligent Sales Automation Features

Leads360, a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation solutions, today announced the availability of Performance-Based Distribution and Lead Scoring. 

Performance-Based Distribution is a sales automation feature that continuously learns and self-tunes based on real-time rep performance results to drive optimal lead assignment. The new Lead Scoring feature lets Leads360 customers differentiate leads based on their quality score and uses the score to improve lead distribution and sales follow-up; helping sales reps prioritize leads that have a greater chance of converting.

"Sales leaders are looking for ways to continuously optimize sales performance with technology, and more recently leveraging big data," said Nick Hedges, president and CEO of Leads360, in a statement. "However, traditional sales systems and CRMs fail because they are so cumbersome to setup and difficult to continuously optimize without an army of dedicated analysts. Leads360's Intelligent Sales Automation features, like Performance-Based Distribution, shift that paradigm by utilizing advanced algorithms to calculate real-time performance data and auto-optimize the sales process. It is proprietary features like this that regularly allow new Leads360 customers see four to five times sales conversion improvements within the first year of adopting our solutions."

Leads360 LeadManager lets users define and integrate a lead score to an organization's lead distribution, contact, and sales strategy.

"The addition of Lead Scoring is a critical next step in the evolution of intelligent sales software," said Hedges. "With this feature, Leads360 is taking data on lead attributes and behaviors and making it actionable for sales teams."

Lead scoring dynamically analyzes and grades leads based on key, pre-defined attributes and behaviors, assigning a numeric positive or negative value to determine the relative quality of the lead. The score can be incorporated into lead distribution rules and follow up actions, to help sales reps prioritize leads with a higher probability of converting. Use cases include the following:

  • Linking the score to the lead qualification and distribution process;
  • Using the score to route leads to the most appropriate teams/reps;
  • Distributing higher quality leads to higher performing sales people;
  • Returning poor scoring purchased leads to lead providers; and
  • Using the lead score to drive improved activity/prioritization for sales reps.

Leads360 LeadManager can also accept lead scores from other scoring and marketing automation solutions, such as Neustar and Marketo, translating the score into appropriate actions for the sales team.

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