ToutApp Launches Sales Campaigns

On Wednesday, sales success platform provider ToutApp released Sales Campaigns, a tool that enables sales professionals to automate and simplify steps in their sales process and create repeatable workflows that can be shared throughout an organization.

According to Tawheed Kader, CEO and founder of ToutApp, B2B sales cycles have grown longer than ever, increasing the amount of communications between reps and potential buyers. Closing a deal often requires as many as 30 separate interactions per prospect, spanning across multiple channels, including social media, email, and phone. This level of complexity has also affected how salespeople work: Much of their time has been dedicated to managing individual interactions, rather than pushing their deals toward a close. As a result, fewer salespeople are meeting their quotas.

"With Sales Campaigns, reps can automate these increasingly complex outreach strategies, focusing only on the steps that allow them to move a deal forward, regardless of the potential buyer’s position in the funnel," Kader said in a statement.

Sales Campaigns aims to centralize sales-related communications in one dashboard, converting cumbersome, multi-step processes into more manageable ones. The package includes Automated Workflows, Tracking and Evaluation, and Team-Wide Sharing features. The Automated Workflows component enables reps to build one multi-step campaign across email, phone, and social media; dynamic fields are embedded throughout the campaign so that reps may add personal touches. A Tracking and Evaluation feature allows users to measure their effectiveness at each step, allowing them to improve their methods over time. With Team-Wide Sharing, reps can distribute customized Sales Campaign settings across their organizations, ultimately boosting productivity by giving the different team members insights into what works and what doesn't.

For ToutApp, a company that began as what Kader calls a "generic email productivity tool," the release furthers its shift to focus on sales productivity tools—a transition it began in 2012.

Kader himself singles out Sales Campaign’s Click to Call button. Normally, sales reps are required to toggle through multiple screens to retrieve a phone number and to take notes and enter them into a CRM system. According to Kader, this option reduces the process of calling a prospect and logging notes to three clicks. "That's really powerful because it allows the sales person to focus on what to say on the call to make an impression"—in other words, on their strategy—instead of on "grunt work," Kader says.

While the company has rolled out the solution to internal customers—and new customers have begun to adopt it as well—Kader notes that "it's a little early to cite numbers [that point to] shortened sales cycles." Nevertheless, he says, feedback has been "overwhelmingly positive," and customers have seen improvements in productivity. 

According to Kader, the company has no specific sweet spot in terms of customer size or industry and is set up to serve all market segments, catering to teams ranging from five members to 1,000.

Sales Campaign is available as part of ToutApp's platform is available today for $79 per seat per month.

The solution integrates at a basic level with all CRM systems, and is capable of deeper integrations with Salesforce.com. "We're planning on announcing a deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM later in the year," Kader says.

"We're investing heavily in machine learning and AI," Kader adds. With more sophisticated technologies, the company is planning to add an assistant feature that will further help the salesperson "focus on the art of selling," Kader says.  

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