• April 1, 2015

ToutApp Launches Tout Connect

ToutApp, provider of sales platforms for advanced email tracking, templates, and analytics, has launched Tout Connect, an open API that allows third-party applications with customer or prospect contact data, such as CRM systems, lead platforms, and customer success platforms, to embed ToutApp's features and functionality directly into their offerings.

"Most sales teams use as many as 15 different tools to manage the sales process," said Tawheed Kader, founder and CEO of ToutApp, in a statement. "Tout Connect extends our software's tracking, template, and analytics capabilities to any application in a salesperson's workflow, simplifying the overall experience by reducing friction between tools. This is a huge win for sales teams, allowing them to spend more time selling from any platform they're on. And third-party offerings benefit by providing more value to their users without having to build additional functionality."

ToutApp's tracking and analytics captures engagement data across email, presentations, and Web sites, providing salespeople with a 360-degree view of all communications, as well as in-depth insight on past, present, and future performance. ToutApp helps salespeople convert this powerful engagement intelligence into action at scale through personalized email templates featuring the messaging that resonates most strongly with customers at every part of the sales process.

"Our API brings real-time email engagement data into the CRM, lead platform, or customer success platform, offering context for interactions with each contact and metrics on how successful those interactions are," Kader added. "And the templates turn data into better communications. We're integrating a complete email sales toolkit with these platforms."

In addition to CRMs, applications that can benefit from the Tout Connect integration include prospect and lead intelligence services, which provide in-depth research on potential leads, or customer success services that help users grow and retain existing customers. Tout Connect allows any of these services to incorporate key aspects of the sales cycle within their applications. As a result, lead intelligence platforms can offer sales engagement, while customer success platforms enhance customer upselling and renewal.

Several leading platforms have already signed on to use the Tout Connect API. They include Bluenose, KiteDesk, Lead411, Preact, and Spiderbook.

"The Tout Connect API is a game-changer for sales teams," said Aman Naimat, co-founder of Spiderbook, in a statement. "By integrating ToutApp, we bridge the gap between leads to closed customers, giving users the opportunity to perform more aspects of the sales process within our application. The ability to streamline the sales workflow is very compelling to us and our users."

"ToutApp's industry-unique email tracking, templates, and analytics help move the needle for sales professionals today, and we're excited to bring these capabilities to enhance our Customer Success platform," said Don MacLennan, CEO and co-founder of Bluenose, in a statement. "The tracking and analytics offer our SaaS users even deeper insights into their customers, while the templates drive greater communication efficiency and effectiveness. As a result, our users will be better equipped to broaden adoption, stay ahead of churn risks, and grow revenue."

The Tout Connect API is the first of several forthcoming product launches in support of the company's continued growth. ToutApp recently announced $15 million in Series B funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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