Salesforce.com Announces a New AppExchange

Saying it was “inspired by the best consumer shopping experiences,” Salesforce.com today announced its new AppExchange, which aims to make it easier for enterprise customers to discover the right solutions by adapting elements of the consumer buying experience, such as personalization, as well as other features and best practices, like learning capabilities built into the user experience. 

“In building this new AppExchange, we looked at lots of different marketplaces, both consumer and other business marketplaces as well, to get some inspiration for what we could bring to the new AppExchange,” says Heather Conklin, vice president of product management at Salesforce. “Our aspiration is to be as much like your consumer life as possible in buying your enterprise applications. [To that end, we] tried to bring as many of the best practices from marketplaces into the AppExchange as we could.”

The new AppExchange has four key features: personalized recommendations; Trailhead learning; Lightning apps and solutions; and industry focus. The AppExchange provides recommendations to customers based on their location, install history, site activity, profile data, and edition; and the Trailhead learning feature ensures that customers can find integrated learning content throughout the AppExchange, content that can help them learn best practices, acquire new skills, and discover solutions.

The Lightning apps and solutions include Lightning Bolts and Lightning Data; Lightning Bolts enable users to easily create communities that integrate with Salesforce. The second tool, Lightning Data, empowers customers to discover data-driven insights with enriched customer profiles via integration with third-party data sources. It can also deliver business-specific data to improve sales and marketing processes such as segmentation, targeting, scoring, and prioritization.

Finally, in terms of industry focus, the AppExchange includes thousands of industry-specific solutions, including in healthcare and life sciences with FormFast, Healthwise, myStrength, and Veeva; in retail with CloudCraze, DemandJump, and Windsor Circle; in financial services with nCino, Onfido, and Orion; and in manufacturing with Propel and Rootstock.

“We’re really anchoring this [the new AppExchange] around the idea of being the Salesforce store—the store you need for everything that you do with Salesforce. It’s not just about apps anymore; it’s really so much bigger than that,” Conklin says.

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