Salesforce.com Launches Lead Analytics for Facebook

Salesforce.com today strengthened its Marketing Cloud with Lead Analytics for Facebook, an integration designed to help B2B marketers track and measure the effectiveness of the campaigns they run on the popular social media website. According to Chris Jacob, director of product marketing at Salesforce.com’s Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio, companies can use the technology to determine the value of their ad investments “all the way through the funnel” and leverage the insights to adjust their budget allocations.  

“When you think of the tools and reporting [that are used] to measure the effect of marketing investments, the B2B marketer has been failed by the technology industry at large," Jacob says. In this respect, B2C marketers have been at an advantage. “As we’ve grown our Marketing Cloud offering, we’ve expanded our footprint from a B2C context and are offering B2B marketers a whole range of tools for email, mobile, and social advertising."

Jacob holds that Salesforce.com is uniquely positioned to level the playing field, thanks to its deep prowess in both B2B and B2C CRM and marketing automation technology, as well as its connections to outside advertising technologies and a robust partner ecosystem. Within the Lead Analytics dashboard, he says, marketing managers who want to know how their investments are paying off beyond standard indicators—such as the number of filled-out lead forms, webinar sign-ups, or e-book downloads—can now easily do so. They can see how the leads they’ve generated progress into nurture programs and evolve through a series of sales actions—including email interactions and calls—to advance through the pipeline and eventually turn into closed deals.

Marketers can also monitor how their ads are stacking up next to key performance indicators throughout the customer journey—to see, for instance, which messaging formats or calls to action are driving sales. In addition, they can compare the engagement metrics of different ads to gauge which ones have been the most beneficial to their business. Via the Salesforce Sales Cloud’s Einstein’s Lead Scoring function, users can see how likely a prospect is to make a purchase, as well as their total number of leads and average cost per lead in relation to an ad.

Jacob says that Lead Analytics is currently being tested by customers, and Salesforce.com will release new features as requested by clients. Already, the company is planning on expanding the technology's reach to Instagram and Google ads.

Salesforce.com hopes to learn more about where the solution can be beneficial within an organization, beyond the marketing manager, to optimize campaigns. “There are others in the campaign,” including those who are nurturing leads, “who would see value in this that probably want input,” Jacob says. “In many organizations, those bureaucratic processes are not connected because, historically, they haven’t been. By creating products that connect teams, you also create paradigm shifts for digital leaders and marketing leaders.”  

"We’ve seen fantastic results with Salesforce and are excited to leverage Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook to take prospect engagement to a new level by measuring the success of our Facebook ad campaigns all the way to a won deal—something we haven’t had the ability to do before,” said Jake Fabbri, vice president of marketing at Fonteva, a Salesforce.com partner that specializes in events and association management software, in a statement. “We’ll now be able to focus our budgets on Facebook ads that are working and increase the ROI of our ad spend overall.”

Salesforce.com's Lead Analytics for Facebook solution is available today to Pardot and Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Enterprise Edition customers.

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