Localytics Announces Its New Geofencing Platform, Places

Mobile engagement platform Localytics, which specializes in mobile marketing and analytics, today announced its real-time geofencing solution, Places. The platform aims to serve as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds by providing companies with location data analysis and the ability to deliver real-time push notifications to users based on their current or former physical location.

Places automatically saves app events when users enter or exit predefined geofenced areas, regardless of whether the user is active in the app. Companies can use the location-based data to build marketing campaigns and use geofenced areas to trigger real-time push notifications with the goal of delivering more relevant content to users.

The platform provides companies with five key features. First, companies can identify user patterns at specific locations. Second, they can deepen relationships with specific user groups by reminding returning customers of unused store credits or offering them special deals if they are near a store. Third, they can build user profiles based on known interests. Fourth, they can deliver location-based notifications. Finally, they can evaluate and engage with users at physical points of interest, such as billboards.

"Places provides companies with two important pieces of the mobile engagement puzzle: location analytics and real-time messaging. Specifically, Places gives companies the ability to analyze data on geofences, paving the way for a new array of data-driven insights on physical locations and user behaviors such as dwell time and foot traffic," Lou Orfanos, vice president of product at Localytics, told CRM magazine via email. "It also allows companies to send real-time push notifications targeting users the instant they enter or exit a specific location. When layered with other insights that Localytics makes available about users, this is a powerful way to engage people in a contextually relevant way."

Orfanos gives three examples of ways in which Places can leverage both a user's location and his behaviors and preferences. First, a retailer can send real-time push notifications to returning shoppers of unspent store credit when they come within a designated radius of a store. Second, a music streaming app can send in-app messages with custom playlists to concert attendees. Finally, a travel app can deliver real-time push messages with reservation information when users approach their hotel, ensuring that they have the necessary check-in information.

Places is geared toward enterprises and is capable of supporting up to 10,000 geofences, with no limits on how many can be included in messaging campaigns. Furthermore, the platform does not require an additional SDK. 

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