Localytics Announces Integration with Google's DoubleClick

Mobile engagement platform Localytics today announced new integration with Google's DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform. The integration aims to provide Localytics customers with insight into the behaviors of users acquired from campaigns run through DoubleClick's Ad Exchange solution. In particular, the integration looks to focus on installs and post-install behavior and target push, in-app, geo-fence, and remarketing campaigns accordingly.

"This feature alone significantly lowers the barrier of entry for our agency partners coming into the mobile space that come from the traditional online advertising world, because they're used to using DoubleClick to run their campaigns on a regular basis, [and] they can use the same tools—the same activities and tags and everything that they have set up in DoubleClick—to track their mobile install campaigns in Localytics," says Patrick Sanders, product manager at Localytics.

The integration aims to help companies that are programmatically buying app install ads through DoubleClick to link them to their post-install behavioral analytics and engagement processes. One of the goals of connecting DoubleClick ad buys and post-install tactics is to help companies better understand how DoubleClick Digital Marketing compares to other acquisition solutions, particularly in acquiring new users and driving engagement.

More specifically, the integration looks to provide companies with immediate insight into user acquisition and behavior across all channels and subsequently target push, in-app, geo-fence, and remarketing campaigns to specific user segments. Overall, the goal of the integration is to help companies better understand which DoubleClick Digital Marketing campaigns are best at driving post-install behavior so that they can allocate future ad spending accordingly.

"At the very core of the needs that we serve for our customers is their ability to draw insights into how their app users are behaving throughout the user life cycle. What our customers have, for a long time demanded from us, and what we've been able to build for them is the ability to unify that post-install behavior, and those insights that are generated from post-install data, with information about where users come from," says Zac Aghion, director of products at Localytics. "Our attribution product is all about understanding where users are being acquired from, what channels users are being acquired from, that lead to higher lifetime value, that lead to more conversions, that lead to higher levels of engagement.

"It was only natural for us to evolve and respond to customer demand for integrating and providing the same level of insight into the largest programmatic ad-buying network, which is Google DoubleClick Digital Marketing."

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