• October 6, 2015

Localytics Launches Predictions

Localytics, provider of lifecycle engagement platforms for Web and mobile apps, has released Localytics Predictions, which leverages machine learning to help companies predict and proactively influence users at every stage of the app lifecycle.

Localytics Predictions brings together analytics and marketing to help organizations understand user behaviors, identify meaningful customer segments, and then use those deep insights to create data-driven personalized experiences to engage or re-engage users across multiple marketing channels.

"Apps are inherently personal, but incorporating predictive intelligence into user engagement gives organizations an opportunity to make them even more personal," said Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, in a statement. "Localytics Predictions is the first and only predictive product for apps with engagement channels built into a powerful analytics platform. This makes it easy for customers to instantly take action on the insights and intelligence to optimize and personalize every interaction with real, tangible results."

Localytics Predictions helps companies determine which of their users have a high, medium, or low likelihood to churn or convert through the auto-segmentation of users, which occurs based on a proprietary algorithm that links users to the behaviors and characteristics most related to churn or conversion.

Because Predictions is part of Localytics' integrated platform, customers can take action on these insights through personalized email, push notifications, in-app messaging, and remarketing campaigns. Every engagement is then integrated into the proprietary algorithm, optimizing the user intelligence and marketing engagement over time.

Onefootball, a mobile football platform fand Localytics Predictions users, was able to identify user behavior patterns that were indicative of churn and use that data to reduce churn by 7.5 percent percent. While Onefootball has always used Localytics to send personalized push notifications to users based on their favorite teams, locations, and languages, using Predictions helped identify thousands of users with the highest risk of churning and proactively target those users with personalized messages to keep them active in the offseason.

"Thanks to Localytics Predictions, we now have an easy, scalable, and scientific way to reduce churn in our app and help more football fans stay in tune with their favorite teams," said Thies Gruning, mobile marketing manager at Onefootball, in a statement.

In the future, Localytics Predictions will expand beyond churn and conversion use cases into other applications, including upsells, onboarding, and content personalization.

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