Infer's Profile Management Update Helps Get Marketers Up and Running

Infer, a provider of predictive technologies to sales and marketing teams, today launched a new version of its Profile Management platform that includes self-service capabilities and custom-tailored recommendations. According to Sean Zinsmeister, Infer's head of product marketing, the updates aim to help the average marketer quickly implement Infer's software and begin targeting their most valuable potential buyers.

"While predictive analytics has certainly crossed the chasm for sales and marketing, businesses today still lack the foundational technology required to execute core go-to-market principles of segmentation, targeting, and positioning," Zinsmeister wrote in an email to CRM magazine. "That's because marketers are inundated with data from ever-more-complicated sales and marketing stacks. In today's environment, companies need better tools in order to succeed with the basics. Predictive scoring has gotten us partway there, but with Infer's new release we are giving our customers more control and transparency beyond the score."  

Infer's Profile Management platform is designed to arm marketers with insights and controls as they reach out to prospects. The solution reads signals from a firm's internal data systems, as well as Infer's own proprietary signals, to develop unique customer profiles. By granting users a view of key customer attributes on a single interface, the technology allows marketers to create detailed segments for their accounts, leads, and opportunities, and in turn contact their strongest prospects with personalized messages that are more likely to lead to conversions.

New to the platform is a prebuilt connector with Salesforce.com, which allows marketers to combine their existing prospect data with Infer's library of external signals and create customer profiles without having to seek the assistance of more technologically adept colleagues. Users also have access to Infer's full suite of integrations with systems such as Marketo and Google Analytics, among others.

Also new is a feature that groups businesses with others of their kind and leverages best practices to make profile recommendations based on the kinds of products they sell, their business models, and their customers. Companies have the option to choose profile templates suggested by Infer, and to customize them further according to their preferences.

With the addition of new profile types, users can classify profiles as "accounts," "opportunities," "leads," and "contacts." The goal is to help companies integrate predictive capabilities into their account-based marketing workflows and other programs, regardless of how they use their CRM system or where a lead is in the funnel.

In a statement, Vik Singh, Infer's cofounder and CEO, highlighted his aspirations for the platform:

"Infer Profile Management is a proven, open platform that sets the stage for broad adoption of groundbreaking predictive modeling and profiling technologies, which should be at the core of every company's sales and marketing stack."

Trevor Lynn, chief marketing officer at Social Tables, a provider of event management tools, detailed his experience with the technology in a statement:

"With Infer Profile Management, we have a simple, streamlined way to tap into all of our data sources, build hyper-targeted customer profiles, and deploy highly personalized campaigns to them. Predictive has helped us to establish a scalable process in which our sales team aggressively engages with specific high-potential buyer profiles, while we route lower priority profiles through automated nurture tracks. As a result of better targeting and personalizing our outreach in this way, revenue is up by 7 percent after only a few months, our opportunity pipeline has increased by $500,000 a month, and average deal sizes have grown by 10 percent.”

Other users of the software include Avalara, Host Analytics, New Relic, and User Voice.

Beginning today, Infer will be offering  a free 14-day trial period.

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