Infer Launches Analytics Package for Microsoft Power BI

Today, Infer launched a new sales analytics package for Microsoft Power BI that aims to expose untapped revenue opportunities in a business's pipeline, using a combination of predictive intelligence, buyer signals, and scoring to provide sales and marketing personnel with data visualizations.

"Power BI in particular has really taken off and has great momentum, which is one of the reasons we were really excited to partner with them, says Sean Zinsmeister, senior director of product marketing at Infer.

Nikhil Balaraman, director of product marketing at Infer, agrees, saying, "We work extensively with all BI tools…but with [Microsoft Power] BI the pickup that we've been seeing in the market has been pretty rapid. To us, it seemed like a good market to be in and definitely a product that people are responding well to."

The solution includes four dashboards for providing insights. The first of them focuses on marketing leads; after identifying promising leads in a company's database, the tool monitors how long they've been neglected, enabling users to determine which segments need more attention and adjust their strategies accordingly.

"The best leads are actually the ones you are sitting on because those people are already familiar with your brand," Zinsmeister says.

The second dashboard, concerning sales development accounts, looks to help users find inbound and outbound accounts that are worth following up with. It also provides context for these accounts and suggestions as to why and how they should be approached.

"[The solution] gives you unprecedented insight into your marketing programs as well to understand, beyond just the quantity of the leads and prospects coming in generated by each program, what is actually the quality—are you hitting the right audiences, are these programs actually driving quality prospects for your business," Zinsmeister explains.

Account executive opportunities are the focus of the third dashboard, as it enables users to monitor leads that have been assigned to account executives and haven't received enough attention. Users can then allocate which leads should be reassigned to sales development reps, and which ones need to be revisited by account executives.

The fourth dashboard presents a whitespace scorecard, an overview that compiles business opportunities across a company's pipeline and uses predicted conversion rates to estimate topline revenue in the current quarter.

"One of the things that we describe is finding white space—the idea of being able to package predictive analytics to visualize where things are falling through the cracks in your sales and marketing program," Zinsmeister says. "The key for us is [that]…we want to go where our customers are. This is a really big part of why Infer is an open ecosystem…we don't want to be a BI tool, we want to focus on being the connective tissue in your sales and marketing stack, driving revenue through predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science."

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