Front Row Solutions Adds Mobile Reporting Capabilities

Front Row Solutions, a provider of CRM software to sales professionals, today added static and fluid mobile reporting capabilities to its toolset, with the goal of improving the general flow of information and communications among field-based employees, managers, and customers.

According to Etiene D'Hollander, Front Row Solutions' CEO, the updates bolster the vendor's proprietary software, which is designed to give managers and mobile workers a real-time overview of their performance, activity, and productivity. With the continuously updated business intelligence technology, accessible via mobile devices or web portal, companies can monitor and enforce rule compliance, support strategic planning efforts, optimize resource allocation, and improve general effectiveness and efficiencies at both the individual and team levels.

The static mobile reporting capabilities aim to support one-time information gathering and form submission for documents such as sales reports, insurance forms, polls and surveys, and the like, with an interface that enables users to complete the process on their smartphones or tablets in less than a minute. The software also integrates with common mobile productivity apps, including GPS systems and Outlook for email, to help users schedule appointments and map out their meetings with their customers. Furthermore, it is flexible and accommodates any adjustments companies need to make to meet evolving business requirements.

The fluid reporting capabilities support updates to forms that mobile workers tend to tweak, including project updates and franchise reviews. The interface design allows users to scroll through previously logged reports and forms to review them and add in new information as needed. Integrations enable the immediate transfer of updates into data analytics systems. The technology is also secured to prevent data leaks and breaches, and business can also set rules to identify and restrict who can edit forms.

According to D'Hollander, the fluid reporting capabilities came as a result of a request from one of its biggest pharmaceutical clients who needed a better method for keeping track of nuances associated with each of its laboratories so it could communicate their distinct benefits to customers. With the system, mobile workers can continuously make changes to information regarding the kinds of blood tests each lab supports, as well as the speed with which they perform them and deliver results to patients. "Those are all critically important for the pharmaceutical company, as the sales reps go around and recommend different labs, and those labs are constantly changing their information," D'Hollander says.

Front Row has seen 100 percent adoption during its initial testing period and is now extending the capability to 22 countries outside of North America. D'Hollander says that a benefit of the solutions "is that when they're in the hospital or clinic, the pharamaceutical reps might make four or five stops, so they can actually do their reports when they're moving from the ICU to a doctor's office."

The reporting capabilities have also caught the interest of customer-facing professionals in other roles, including merchandisers, who can use the system to log changes to inventory, and insurance appraisers, who take notes regarding changes that can affect rates, D'Hollander says.

While Front Row Solutions serves 300 clients and 10,000 mobile workers, D'Hollander believes those numbers will double as a result of today's additions. "We couldn't find another application anywhere in the world that is able to do a report that is always open and fluid," she says.

Front Row Solutions is available as a stand-alone product but integrates with legacy CRM systems, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft, SugarCRM, Veeva Systems, and Act.

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