Demandbase Launches Targeted Display Ad Platform for B2B Marketers

When it comes to serving display advertising through cookies and behavioral tracking, these strategies are not as useful for the enterprise marketer, who is selling to entire companies rather than one individual. To help B2B marketers, Demandbase, a real-time targeting and personalization provider, today debuted the Demandbase Company Targeted Advertising platform. The platform enables marketers to deliver personalized display advertising to specific companies or a segmented group based on attributes like industry, revenue, size, or geography.

"A company might have great traffic on their Web site, but maybe only 18 percent of those visitors are from companies big enough to buy their services," notes Demandbase founder and CEO Chris Golec. "The big aha moment for our customers is realizing that we can help them personalize and target their ads to that specific group."

To use the Targeted Advertising Platform, customers provide Demandbase with a list of companies they want to deliver ads to, such as prospects from their CRM system or a predefined audience, like Fortune 500 companies. Customers can provide their own content for the ad, or create custom ads through the company's Creative Services. The ad inventory is purchased through advertising exchanges such as Google and RightMedia or through independent publishers.

Demandbase then identifies visitors who go to the customer's Web site to determine if they qualify to receive the customer's ad. Built on the backbone of the Demandbase Real Time ID Service, the Targeted Advertising platform matches information about a Web site visitor's company, such as company name, industry, size, geographic location, number of employees, and revenue, with more than 1.5 billion corporate IP addresses in real time, without the use of cookies.

The ads that are intended for a specific company account can also be personalized with the prospect's company name, industry, or other elements. The personalized ads delivered by Demandbase show a click-through-rate two to three times higher than nonpersonalized ads delivered through the same system, according to the company.

The platform also factors in customer status and CRM data by which to target ads. For example, new prospects may receive a product demo, whereas companies further down the sales pipeline will receive a specific offer related to a product they previously reviewed. In addition, customers can track company engagement and results by account using Demandbase and connect each ad served with revenue generated by specific businesses.

"I see customers wasting more than ninety percent of their ad spend hoping to attract high potential businesses to their Web site and falling vastly short of those goals," says Golec, who describes his company's new offering as "disruptive.

"Our zero-waste approach gives marketers the precision they need to target the exact company or audience segments they want, changing the game for the underserved B2B advertiser," Golec says. Demandbase's clients include Adobe, Dell, Docusign, Informatica, Lexis Nexis, and Tableau Software.

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