DataSift Rolls Out New Tools to Help Businesses Analyze Social Data

DataSift, a company that helps customers access and filter their social data, today unveiled two new tools, Push and Query Builder, that are designed to make it easier for enterprises to mine and filter large amounts of data across the social Web and integrate it into their own business intelligence platforms and data warehouses. 

According to DataSift founder and chief technology officer Nick Halstead, the company handles 700 million data interactions a day with more than 20,000 data streams. The volume of data passing through its platform has also tripled in the past year. "We deliver a lot of data," Halstead says. "The purpose of these tools is to lower the barrier for companies trying to access their data."

DataSift's Push is a data delivery system that enables companies to  integrate and analyze social data alongside their own business data. Using DataSift's self-service platform, companies can log in, set up feeds, and manage when, how, and where the data will be pushed, or inserted.

Push integrates with existing BI applications, databases, data warehousing platforms and other cloud services, including Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, MongoDB, CouchDB, FTP/SFTP, ElasticSearch, and WebHooks,

Noting that customers were asking for more user-friendly tools, Query Builder provides companies with a visual interface through which they can create sophisticated filters that mine the social Web in both real time and historically without having to learn a programming language, according to Halstead. Query Builder is written in HTML5 and Javascript, allowing users to customize and embed the tool into their own products.

Push is now available to customers and Query Builder will be made available in September.

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