• August 2, 2012

SAP Releases Sentiment Analysis Solution

SAP today introduced the SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA, a new solution to help organizations gain real-time insights into market trends and customer sentiment. Companies can adopt the rapid-deployment solution in less than six weeks to use up-to-the-minute customer data for more effective business strategies and decision-making.

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA lets users analyze customer sentiment from social networking sites, communities, wikis, blogs, and other sources, and combines the information with customer relationship management (CRM) text data. Users can evaluate customers' insights through their mobile devices, tablets, or desktops, enabling them to take immediate action. This is the latest offering from SAP to help customers quickly adopt effective "big data" analytics solutions.

"Mining unstructured data can provide a direct path to understanding how customers are responding to products, brands, and overall company values," said Shawn Rogers, vice president of research at Enterprise Management Associates, in a statement. "As the amount of unstructured data - especially from social media sources - continues to grow, companies have the opportunity to really understand their customers if the information is captured and analyzed effectively. SAP's integrated approach helps users gain deeper insights from company and external information to more quickly and easily make sense of the ever-growing amount of data and act on it."

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA loads text data from Twitter, Facebook, the SAP StreamWork application, and any other Web channel with a publicly available API. It then applies semantic analysis using text data processing capabilities from SAP Data Services software. Decision-makers can visualize customers' sentiments toward their products and brands in real time using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software and the SAP HANA platform. It allows them to do the following:

  • Closely align market sentiment with sales campaigns, promotions, and service activities.
  • Proactively improve customer satisfaction by listening, monitoring, and responding in a timely manner.
  • Project sales and marketing trends to drive increased revenue.
  • Analyze all types of unstructured data (e.g. HTML, XML and TXT files) residing in internal (intranet) or external (Internet) forums, blogs, wikis, and company Web sites to derive insights for better business value.

With the solution, sales and marketing departments can analyze large volumes of text data to identify relevant nuggets of information. That information can then be integrated with structured data, such as sales and marketing campaigns residing in the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application to gain new insights. Organizations can evaluate the impact of these campaigns and events on consumer awareness, sentiment, behavior, and intention to better understand the local demand for products and services or to receive early warning of defects and shortcomings.

"The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA allows chief marketing officers to dip their toes into big data with a project that rapidly results in business value," said Steve Lucas, global executive vice president and general manager of database and technology at SAP, in the statement. "To truly harness the potential of big data, enterprises need to build a culture of insight discovery and data-driven decision-making. SAP solutions enable enterprises to rapidly scale analysis across their lines of business, turning big data into intelligent data."

The SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA combines pre-configured content, best practices, and pre-defined services to quickly deploy the solution with immediate cost-savings.

"By using the SAP rapid-deployment solution for sentiment intelligence with SAP HANA, companies can have a comprehensive view of business-relevant data of all types across employees, customers, partners and suppliers to support business decisions and strategy," said Steven Birdsall, senior vice president and general manager of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, in the statement. "The rapid-deployment solution approach delivers this through pre-defined exploration views and dashboards, while tapping into popular social networking environments with pre-configured interfaces, allowing deployment in as little as four weeks. It is ideal for companies that are unaccustomed to rolling out the latest in analytics or social media technology. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions help organizations gain full visibility into their deployments, reducing any risk factors with a defined scope and predictable costs."

Other SAP solutions that help enterprises build cultures of insight discovery include SAP Predictive Analysis< software. It gives business analysts and data scientists a tool for predictive modeling and advanced visualization of big data in real time when coupled with the power and speed of SAP HANA. Additionally, SAP Visual Intelligence software gives decision-makers and managers self-service tools to explore data across multiple information sources and visualize it in real time with SAP HANA.

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