• March 1, 2022

Uniphore Introduces Q for Sales

Uniphore, a provider of conversational automation, today launched Q for Sales,;equipping sales organizations with emotional intelligence (EQ) measurement technology.

Built on the Uniphore X Platform, Q for Sales leverages computer vision, tonal analysis, automatic speech recognition (ASR), and natural language processing (NLP) to capture and make recommendations on the full emotional spectrum of sales conversations.

"Conversations and data associated with them have never been more important to organizations than today," said Umesh Sachdev, CEO and co-founder of Uniphore, in a statement. "We know that every $1 invested in EQ results in $6 in sales. In developing Q for Sales, we took our experience developing the industry's most powerful conversational AI and automation platform, Uniphore X, to create a solution that now measures real-time EQ, complete with analytics to supercharge sales teams. With Q for Sales, sales organizations will no longer be in the dark on what drives success and closes deals."

Features of Q for Sales include the following:

  • Real-Time EQ Meeting Assist to help sellers read the room, sense emotional cues, and improve engagement during virtual meetings.
  • Meeting EQ, for analyzing meeting playbacks, contextual key moments, engagement, and sentiment trends for all participants.
  • Deal EQ, for opportunity-level insights, customer sentiment, engagement timelines, and key moments from first meeting to closed-won.
  • Key Moments, showing highlights and lowlights in the conversation and moments of peak and weak audience engagement so presenters can self correct.
  • Team EQ + Improve, a personal EQ performance dashboard for self-coaching and onboarding.
  • Integrations with major virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom and Cisco Webex, and with Salesforce CRM, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Office 365.

"Emotions have always played a major role in sales," said Sylvain Tremblay, senior vice president of video AI business at Uniphore, in a statement. "Everyone has heard the expressions read the room and people buy from people they trust, which get lost in today's remote engagements. Q for Sales augments sellers' ability to capture these cues so they can focus on what really matters to their customers and transform their buying experience. This is the solution that teams will rely on to humanize their interactions, resulting in a win-win for both sides."

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