• January 30, 2018

MomentFeed Launches Visibility Manager

MomentFeed, a provider of mobile customer experience management for multilocation companies, today launched Visibility Manager, with improved publishing, reporting, and centralized management to help companies increase their mobile visibility by improving the precision, consistency, quality, and the distribution of each store's unique business information across the most-used web and mobile services.

Visibility Manager will provide marketing teams with unique insights into the health of each store's digital presence across more than 310 network directories, maps, navigation systems, social media sites, and web services. It also identifies location information inconsistencies, such as data changes, errors, conflicts, and duplicates. Visibility Manager will update changed location data as quickly as it is identified across each network, including real-time updates and fixes. This helps companies ensure their local stores becomes the first mobile search choice every time, and understand which locations are being recommended by search engines, mobile apps, and voice assistants. It will also highlight which listings require additional paid ad spend to create more visibility, and which are virtually invisible to consumers on their mobile devices.

"Mobile devices have blurred the lines between the online world and real world to the point where mobile now influences about 56 percent of all in-store sales," said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed, in a statement. "With the new capabilities announced today, we're again leading the market with the most accurate location data, the most precise geolocation service, the most visibility into listing consistency, and the widest distribution of location data to more than 310 networks in North America. We're empowering multilocation brands to secure and maintain the top recommendations when consumers look to their phones to find their next offline purchases or experiences. With the right mobile visibility strategy in place, multilocation brands can best leverage the digital presence of their entire network of stores to become even more visible to consumers than online giants like Amazon."

Key to these new capabilities is the ability to run Visibility Assessments within the new product. Visibility Assessments compare location data in the MomentFeed system of record to the information in the wild and highlight inconsistencies that haven't been resolved in 30 days. Assessments show trends and improvements and highlights potential issues with mobile visibility. Assessments also measure discrepancy resolution time, giving marketers insight into how long inconsistencies were visible to consumers and the overall visibility for important keywords for every location.

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