• September 28, 2017

MomentFeed Launches Connect Integration Program

MomentFeed, a provider of mobile customer experience management for multilocation companies, today introduced its partner integration program called MomentFeed Connect, which is now part of the company's Mobile Customer Experience (MCX) Management Platform.

As part of the MCX Platform, MomentFeed Connect will help integrate the MomentFeed platform with hundreds of CRM, help desk, data warehouse, marketing dashboard, and vertical market-specific systems and applications. Information is managed through a single workflow process and can be exchanged with transactional and reporting systems. Multiple classes of applications can work with each MomentFeed module to add operational efficiencies and higher-order insights on behavior and attribution.

"We designed MomentFeed Connect to help multilocation brands create more differentiated mobile customer experiences by leveraging information that lies across the enterprise to attract new customers and better serve loyal customers,” said Robert Blatt, CEO of MomentFeed, in a statement. "The Connect two-way API integration enables distributed organizations with dozens or hundreds of consumer-facing locations to quickly respond to customers as well as gain critical insights into their shopping patterns and behaviors."

Multilocation companies can use MomentFeed Connect to do the following:

  • Leverage data from other systems in real time to populate profiles on social media sites, mobile ads, website landing pages, or branded mobile apps.
  • Aggregate reviews and direct customer inquiries from Facebook, Google, Yelp, and others and then deliver inquiries that need escalation or an individual response to the right person for rapid resolution.
  • See metrics from different systems rolled together in comprehensive reports and dashboards, and link online and offline channels to in-store sales on a location-by-location basis. Companies will also see ratings during peak hours or staff schedules, revenue changes as marketing campaigns run, and create a comprehensive marketing dashboard with digital and non-digital campaign results.
  • Allow customers to submit testimonials on every store page in its Location Finder and highlight each location's star rating in search engine results.

"The convergence of mobile marketing and mobile ordering offers limitless possibility for brands trying to win the digital shift," said Jackie Berg, senior director of marketing at Olo, a digital ordering engine for restaurants, in a statement. "Being part of the MomentFeed Connect program helps our restaurant brands amplify the power of their digital program, with clear ROI tracking along the way. MomentFeed's ability to reach guests with context and location in such a personalized way should be a no brainer for restaurant marketers."

"We're proud to be at a foundation partner in the MomentFeed Connect program," said Matt Moog, CEO of PowerReviews, in a statement. "We see a huge opportunity to help brands gather more reviews and really understand their customers with deeper insights into customer sentiment and advocacy programs. MomentFeed stands out because they empower brands to use digital channels to drive both in-store and ecommerce sales, letting consumers decide how they want to buy."

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