• May 11, 2017

DataSift Launches Media Strategies API

DataSift today unveiled its Media Strategies API, enabling marketers to access actionable intelligence from social data to inform their marketing strategy, media planning, and campaign development.

The Media Strategies API is initially available as part of the PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights platform, which provides organizations with advanced insights into the activities and interests of more than 500 million LinkedIn professionals.

Using the new API, marketers can surface answers to questions about product or service awareness, interest, and demand. They type in keywords, select the audience segments required, and the Media Strategies API does the rest. It creates predefined reports based on successful projects, best-practice data science, natural language processing, and machine learning.

"Marketers now want answers, not just access to vast pools of data or graphics showing vanity metrics," said Jerry Ronaghan, senior vice president of agency and ad tech at DataSift, in a statement. "With such an overwhelming amount of data available, machine intelligence has a huge role to play in guiding people to answers, and our new Media Strategies API is built to leverage that. This means marketers can focus on taking action based on what their audiences care about and more informed creative decisions can be made."

The new API can also be integrated into internal media planning tools.

In its limited release, it is being used by a number of agencies, including VaynerMedia and Annalect.

"VaynerMedia is always seeking to incorporate new marketing API integrations that empower our team to make smarter decisions around content creation and audience selection," said Jeff Nicholson, senior vice president of paid media at VaynerMedia, in a statement. "As an agency that has both creative and media disciplines under one roof, understanding the specific topics that resonate with our advertisers' audiences and building out personalized strategies to them is key to our success. DataSift's Media Strategies API offering will allow our teams to make smarter decisions and better service our clients."

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