• July 16, 2015

DataSift Releases VEDO Intent for Social Media Data Extraction

DataSift today launched VEDO Intent, a new technology that allows users to harness the full potential of social data and take action based on the intent of their audiences thanks to advanced machine learning capabilities that surface intent at scale.

With DataSift's VEDO Intent, users gain more nuanced insights into market interest and customer intent to churn, purchase, and more.

VEDO Intent builds on VEDO, the programmable intelligence engine built into DataSift's data processing platform. It allows people across the business, including marketers and customer relations managers, to build advanced machine learning-based classifiers for their organizations. Using an approach known as Active Learning, VEDO Intent learns as posts are manually classified into categories, such as rant, rave, purchase intent, or churn. VEDO Intent then dynamically builds a machine learning-based model to first suggest, and then fully automate, the real-time classification of millions of posts to surface insights.

DataSift VEDO Intent will automatically categorize social data based on its meaning, and answer questions such as the following:

  • Which products are people considering buying?
  • How satisfied are my customers? Are they thinking of leaving me?
  • How important is this campaign message?
  • Are my target markets interested in my marketing program?
  • Which parts of my service prompt the best reviews?

"Organizations have long recognized the huge potential of social data. It's the voice of the market and the voice of your customer. Companies are now hungry to go beyond sentiment analysis into more advanced insights," said Tim Barker, chief product officer at DataSift, in a statement. "Social data has evolved. Everyone from financial institutions through to the United Nations refers to it, and we recognized that people need actionable, nuanced insights from social data to better understand their audiences' mood and intent."

In addition, DataSift launched the FORUM initiative to help advance innovation and accelerate the application of machine learning and data-science to social media data.

To launch the FORUM initiative, the company released a preview of its first statistical model - Foundation Model. DataSift's Foundation Model applies deep learning algorithms to help analysts explore related hashtags, keywords, and topics that are related, based on analysis of more than  2 billion of items of data.

"With our FORUM initiative, we want to drive and support innovation and advances in analytics, data science and machine learning algorithms," Barker said. "By providing data scientists and developers with access to Foundation Models, we can help accelerate the entire ecosystem to gain deeper insights from the world's social data."

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