• January 18, 2017

DataSift Partners with LinkedIn

DataSift today announced a strategic partnership with LinkedIn and unveiled PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights to provide marketers advanced insights into the activities and interests of more than 467 million professionals.

LinkedIn Engagement Insights is a privacy-first analytics offering from DataSift that equips marketers with an in-depth understanding of key audiences, their interests and engagement with content, and how they interact with companies on LinkedIn. DataSift allows results to be aggregated, giving marketers audience-level insights while respecting LinkedIn members’ privacy and preventing private member data from being collected or viewed.

Fully customizable and adaptable for a variety of use cases, LinkedIn Engagement Insights allows marketers and agencies to improve the use of the LinkedIn platform to do the following:

  • Discover new audiences by researching the behavior of high-value audiences on LinkedIn and validate assumptions.
  • Confirm audience segments by analyzing the job titles, locations, and skills of audiences who are engaging with relevant content on the network. New audience segments can also be identified based on their engagement with content that intersects with companies' existing audiences.
  • Learn what content works best with audiences, gaining a greater understanding of what topics, types of content, and creative resonates most with key audiences. Use content insights to better shape and inform content marketing strategies on LinkedIn, create more compelling content for target audiences, and more effectively measure success on LinkedIn.
  • Benchmark against the competition by analyzing brand sentiment to understand how audiences engage with their brand, products, or services on LinkedIn relative to industry competitors and peers.

"Partnering with DataSift will enable LinkedIn to provide access to better data-driven insights so that marketers and agencies can improve engagement with their target audiences and deliver positive ROI on LinkedIn, all in a way that respects member privacy," said Russell Glass, vice president of products at LinkedIn, in a statement. "LinkedIn Engagement Insights is a major milestone in our efforts to empower marketers to make more informed media planning decisions that can help them be more successful on our platform."

LinkedIn Engagement Insights is powered by DataSift's PYLON technology, which processes LinkedIn's live newsfeed of published content and the engagement surrounding it (clicks, impressions, shares, likes, comments.) PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights then applies artificial intelligence to understand the text within posts and articles, identifying the topics, companies, and products mentioned. The advanced analytics allows marketers to perform multidimensional analysis across audience and engagement data and unlock valuable, actionable insights.

"Our partnership with LinkedIn highlights the future of the intersection between data-driven marketing and human data intelligence," said Tim Barker, CEO of DataSift, in a statement. "LinkedIn Engagement Insights fundamentally re-invents marketers' campaign planning and delivery, providing access to rich audience, content, and engagement data. We're looking forward to working with LinkedIn on advancing the use of privacy-first data to inform marketing decisions on LinkedIn."

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