• November 8, 2021

Custodia Partners with Behavox

Custodia, a provider of compliance management solutions with Compliance Cloud One (CC1) and Custodia Assist, is partnering with data insights company Behavox.

Custodia's Compliance Cloud One (CC1) is a cloud-based recording solution for unified communications (UC) that includes Microsoft Teams, Cisco UC Cloud, and trading telephony combined with Custodia Assist, a flexible framework to help companies manage compliance issues. The backbone of Custodia Assist is Custodia's central Data Lake, which acts as a single repository combining, validating, and ensuring trust for many formats while maintaining data authenticity.

Behavox provides AI-powered insights that protect companies and their employees from illegal, immoral, and malicious behavior. Insights are generated by analyzing communication data from email, instant messaging, voice, and video conferencing platforms.

This partnership integrates Behavox's communication surveillance solution and analytics platform into the Custodia partner ecosystem. Behavox uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze data from more than 150 data types from internal communications, such as voice, email, text, social media, chat, and collaboration on a variety of corporate and non-corporate applications, including Microsoft Teams, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

"We are excited to be adding Behavox as another integrated partner in the Custodia compliance management ecosystem to provide unparalleled interoperability for our compliance suite. The integration will allow a fully trusted bi-directional API data flow between each system to audit and validate voice-based communication data to ensure customers' end-to-end voice recording processes are completely compliant with global regulators. Now, the wider range of applications, such as Trade Reconstruction, can be implemented much faster and more accurately," said Christopher Hartley, CEO of Custodia, in a statement.

"Behavox is delighted to partner with Custodia for yet another upgrade to our industry-leading capabilities. By enhancing the scope of our voice monitoring capabilities, we can better help organizations identify the fraud that is harbored in their voice communications. Custodia's global offering is industry-leading and additive to the managed compliance environment," said Nabeel Ebrahim, chief revenue officer of Behavox, in a statement.

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