• February 18, 2021

Behavox Partners with TeleMessage

Behavox has partnered with TeleMessage to capture and supervise mobile data from the WhatsApp and WeChat platforms.

The partnership will enable the ingestion of communications across WhatsApp and WeChat by TeleMessage, and integration into the Behavox platform, enabling delivery of detailed, actionable analytics for financial firms. Pairing Behavox's and TeleMessage's solutions will also provide access to an ecosystem of artificial intelligence voice technology capabilities.

"As dispersed workforces are now the norm, the number of secure messaging applications being used to communicate with clients and each other for business purposes is expanding greatly, and employees are taking conversations away from traditional communications channels as many as 45 times more than one year ago onto platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat," said Kiryl Trembovolski, chief operating officer at Behavox, in a statement. "Our partnership with TeleMessage greatly reinforces the capture coverage of the Behavox Compliance solution, allowing our customers to ingest and supervise WhatsApp and WeChat messages, attachments, and calls in near real time. For our business, the capture of WhatsApp and WeChat data is an important milestone bringing us one step closer in our mission of organizing all the enterprise data in the world and making it useful for our clients."

"We are excited to add the TeleMessage mobile data capture capabilities to the Behavox platform to more effectively monitor and record mobile text, calls, and chats of a wider number of communications platforms, including modern communications tools such as WeChat and WhatsApp," said Gil Shapira, vice president of business development at TeleMessage, in a statement. "We're thrilled to partner with Behavox to provide customers with reliable and secure compliance offerings between TeleMessage and Behavox's risk and compliance platform, enabling customers to effectively fulfill their regulatory electronic communications and voice supervision requirements."

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