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• Sept. 8, 2009 ... RightNow Technologies buys social-network platform player HiveLive for $6 million to expand its social CRM offerings.

• Sept. 14 ... Communications giant Avaya announces it will acquire Nortel Enterprise Solutions for $900 million (plus $15 million reserved for an employee retention program).

• Sept. 15 ... Adobe Systems acquires Web analytics firm Omniture for $1.8 billion.

• Dec. 2009 ... Salesforce.com quietly—in fact, unofficially—acquires GroupSwim, a provider of on-demand social software. Analysts speculate the deal could involve Chatter, the product Salesforce.com announced in November to provide integrated enterprise-class social networking.

• Dec. 1 ... Gartner agrees to buy AMR Research for $64 million.

• Dec. 8 ... Actuate, a provider of business intelligence and enterprise performance solutions, acquires data and document management solutions Xenos Group for $35.5 million.

• Dec. 23 ... Accel-KKR, a private-equity firm, closes an acquisition of customer interaction solution provider Kana Software for just under $41 million. Kana will continue to operate under its own brand.

• Dec. 23 ... Telefonica buys Voice over Internet Protocol start-up Jajah for $206 million. 

• Dec. 30 ... Speech technology giant Nuance Communications confirms its acquisition of voicemail-to-text counterpart SpinVox for $102.5 million.

• Jan. 4, 2010 ... Seesmic buys social-network updating service Ping.fm for an undisclosed sum. 

• Jan. 5 ... Gartner acquires Burton Group for $56 million. 

• Jan. 5 ... Oracle acquires Silver Creek Systems, a provider of solutions for product-data quality, to boost information management. 

• Jan. 6 ... CDC Software, a provider of enterprise applications and services, offers $105 million for Chordiant Software, a customer experience management vendor.

• Jan. 7 ... Jive Software, a provider of social media tools, acquires social media analytics firm Filtrbox for an undisclosed sum. Jive says it will integrate Filtrbox’s real-time social media monitoring capabilities into its own platform.

• Jan. 11 ... Social media agency Powered purchases three smaller firms—Crayon, Drillteam, and StepChange—to further its reach in helping brands make the most of social media initiatives.

• Jan. 11 ... Email marketer eCircle sells majority stake to private equity for $60 million.

• Jan. 11 ... Chordiant rejects CDC’s bid. 

• Jan. 12 ... Art Technology Group, a provider of software and support services for e-commerce, pays $17 million in cash to buy InstantService, a provider of live chat services.

• Jan. 12 ... Incentive management player Callidus Software closes its acquisition of ActekSoft, a provider of commission and compliance software for complex selling environments.

• Jan. 12 ... Yahoo! sells open-source email-and-collaboration solution Zimbra to virtualization pioneer VMware for an undisclosed sum.

• Jan. 13 ... Enterprise marketing management vendor Unica acquires privately held Pivotal Veracity to enhance its enterprise and on-demand email marketing.

• Jan. 14 ... CDC announces it’s withdrawn its offer to acquire Chordiant and has sold its existing 1.3 percent stake in the company. 

• Jan. 14 ... Cegedim Dendrite, focused on the life sciences sector, acquires SK&A Information Services, a U.S. healthcare-data provider.

• Jan. 15 ... CDC announces it has signed a term sheet to acquire an undisclosed provider of supply chain management solutions.

• Jan. 20 ... Voxeo, a vendor of interactive voice response (IVR) platforms and hosting, acquires ClackPoint, a real-time multimedia collaboration platform.

• Jan. 28 ... Data integration firm Informatica buys master data management specialist Siperian for $130 million in cash.

• Feb. 3 ... IBM, announces a deal to buy master data management player (and Siperian competitor) Initiate Systems for an undisclosed sum.

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